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Art In Interiors: Tunisian Shawl

Artist:  Unknown Title: NA (Tunisian Shawl) Year:  1930’s Dimension: 2.1 x 1 mts approx. Technique:  Woven wool and cotton   About the artist: Unknown What does this Tunisian shawl say? Although this piece of work does not fit within the description of what we usually called a “work of art” in […]

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Open Plan Rooms. Is There A Rule?

Since Victorian times changes in the domestic environment have been substantial being the source of those changes many: Architecture, social conventions, role of man, role of woman, technology and aesthetic preferences. In 2018, approximately 170 years after, the way we enjoy our home is a totally new history that keeps […]

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Art In Interiors: Sculpture by Marino di Teana

Artist: Marino di Teana Title: Structure development V. Homage to Homere Year: 1961-1964 Dimension: 73.7 x 115 x 27 cm Technique: Corten steel.   About the artist (1920-2012): Marino di Teana was born in Italy moving to Buenos Aires age 16 where he worked in the construction field. He started at […]

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Getting Your Interiors Ready… For Love

Love is in the air…or at least it should be. Being a romantic is not something that many of us dedicate special time to cultivate and to make it part of our romantic relationships. Would that be because romanticism is overrated? Hope not. Fortunately for those that need an opportunity […]

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Art In Interiors: Painting by Serge Poliakoff

Artist: Serge Poliakoff Title: Abstract composition Year: 1964/1966 Dimension: 162 x 130 cm Technique: Oil and watercolor on paper   About the artist: Serge Poliakoff was born in Moscow 1906 and died in Paris in 1969. He started his studies on art at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and […]


Jane Pettigrew
When I decided to refurbish my bathroom I discussed ideas with Diego. He knew that I love Art Deco designs and understood my desire to create a bathroom that maximized the limited space, had an Art Deco style, and enjoyed a real sense of glamour and luxury. His perception and ...

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Juan Olivares
After a detailed brief, in depth discussions about my ambitions for this property, Diego provided 3 alternative layouts for the conversion from an office unit to a residential 2 bedroom flat.  He then proposed full list of color schemes and materials.  We visited various showrooms to look at tiles, kitchens ...

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Darren Cock
When we decided to extend and refurbish our house Diego was the natural choice.  Having worked with him on several office projects we knew he could be trusted to deliver on our brief through his design and project management skills.The brief has evolved from our original idea and with Diego's ...

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Mounir Ait-khaled
Diego was really amazing, he put a lot of effort in finding alternatives furniture or item when they were not to my liking, he is a very good listener and is very professional by summarizing all conversations in an e-mail to avoid any misunderstanding.Diego used 3 contractors (builder for walls ...

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Juan Olivares. Apple & Eve
"When people choose to lead with integrity they position themselves at the top of their industry,"I met Diego Correa through an inner circle and the first thing that caught my attention about him, was his transparency, his integrity and of course his portfolio and 15+ years of professional expertise in ...

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