Interior Design: If You Have to Choose

I was asked recently what I was good at: choosing furniture, colors, artwork, etc. The idea in the mind of the interviewer was to think of interior design as the outcome of creating something based on the ability of choosing items. Yes, part of interior design is that but for […]

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Art In Interiors: Serigraphy by Andy Warhol

Artist:  Andy Warhol Title: Grapes Year:  1979 Dimension: 101.6 x 76.2 cm Technique: Screenprint in colors on paper Price: TBC About the Artist (Text taken from the Tate’s website on the artist) Andy Warhol (born Andrew Warhola; August 6, 1928 – February 22, 1987) was an American artist, director and producer who was a […]

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Living in a Block of Flats? Your Home Has Grown

Many   citizens of this wonderful city rebel against the idea of living in a block of flats. The romantic thought of owning a house with a garden is very seductive for many, a dream for an important part of the population that reflects their dignity, achievement in life and their […]

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Art In Interiors: Watercolor by David Hockney

Artist: David Hockney Title: Peter Having a Wash Year: 1967 Dimension: 41 x 33 cm Technique: Watercolor on Paper Price: TBC About the Artist David Hockney was born on 09 July 1937, considered one of the most influential British artists of the XX century. An important contributor to the pop […]

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When Furnishing Becomes an Art Statement

Furnishing is one of the most enjoyable phases when working in the interiors of any room. At that point finishes, flooring and lighting should have been decided. The furniture floor plan layout approved by the client and the style of the overall look and feel confirmed as well. So the […]


Jane Pettigrew
When I decided to refurbish my bathroom I discussed ideas with Diego. He knew that I love Art Deco designs and understood my desire to create a bathroom that maximized the limited space, had an Art Deco style, and enjoyed a real sense of glamour and luxury. His perception and ...

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Juan Olivares
After a detailed brief, in depth discussions about my ambitions for this property, Diego provided 3 alternative layouts for the conversion from an office unit to a residential 2 bedroom flat.  He then proposed full list of color schemes and materials.  We visited various showrooms to look at tiles, kitchens ...

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Darren Cock
When we decided to extend and refurbish our house Diego was the natural choice.  Having worked with him on several office projects we knew he could be trusted to deliver on our brief through his design and project management skills.The brief has evolved from our original idea and with Diego's ...

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Mounir Ait-khaled
Diego was really amazing, he put a lot of effort in finding alternatives furniture or item when they were not to my liking, he is a very good listener and is very professional by summarizing all conversations in an e-mail to avoid any misunderstanding.Diego used 3 contractors (builder for walls ...

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Juan Olivares. Apple & Eve
"When people choose to lead with integrity they position themselves at the top of their industry,"I met Diego Correa through an inner circle and the first thing that caught my attention about him, was his transparency, his integrity and of course his portfolio and 15+ years of professional expertise in ...

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