Partnering with a good builder is one of the most important parts in achieving a rewarding outcome when working in the execution of a project.

Good design is at one end and good execution certainly is at the other.

But what should you expect in a good builder? What are those key aspects the he or she needs to have in order to give you the assurance he/she is the right one for you project?

Let’s look at five points that for me constitute the spine around which everything will develop in the right way. They will additionally allow you to go back on track if something goes wrong during the journey.

Building something should be one of the most fantastic experiences to have; following the process of how something appears where nothing was there before allows us to understand the magic of “creation” and that is not a small thing.

There are many boxes to tick when choosing a professional builder; these are for me the top five:


Repeating a word many times does not mean the meaning of that word will be apprehended, internalised and put into practice in its full dimension.

One of the elements that contributes to the fact that the building process is a mine field when it comes to transparency is that   most of the time clients do not know about  construction’s techniques, quality of materials and procedures so it is  relatively easy for a no professional mind to mislead or/and misinformed.

This is why honesty should be at the top of the list, an honest builder will be transparent, choose the materials and techniques that are right for the project and will charge fairly for them.


Assessing how knowledgeable is a builder is a challenging task. How can one make the right judgment on something if we lack the experience to validate that knowledge?

Probably the best way of facing this dilemma is either ask to a professional to do that for you (architect or designer) or talk to  his/her clients so they can give you accurate information about how  he/she faced successfully the project.

Knowledge needs to be in different areas: construction, regulations, structural work, materials, techniques, etc.


Communication skills

Your builder will need to have the skills to express an idea, a problem or a solution in the right way, with the right tone and at the right time in the context of the project and considering your expectations and vision.

To this you need to add being able to get the most of the team on site whose vision on the project is completely different of his/hers or yours.

Putting all these pieces together require a good communication.

Management skills

Even in smaller projects the need to coordinate, delegate, assign a task to different trade individuals is always present.

How to organise that successfully demands management skills, to understand what should be first, or second or third; why, implications and very important at the right time.

No having these skills developed can bring great losses in time, money and quality of work to the project.

Being a “builder”

All of us in one way or another help others to achieve their purpose or goals.

This is why is vital to embrace what we are and from that point serve well.

Some builders are doing their job because of their believe it is “easy money” or it was the easiest thing they could do for getting an income.

Whatever the reasons behind those not primary motivations it will create a trade individual that does not love what he/she is doing. This will bring conflicts, wrong advice and not few times lack of understanding of the ultimate goal of the project and its importance.


I do hope these thoughts give you enough information for analyzing and choosing your builder in a more conscious manner, awaken and ready for a successful project.

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