Pleasure, Memory and Function.

These are three of the most recurrent reasons why we accumulate objects in our homes.

The interiors of your home are not finished with the selection of wall finishes, materials and furniture.

That is a very important, of course, but it is not all.  The selection of art and accessories must follow.

What you put on the surfaces, the quality and shape of it, the story behind them tells the story not just of your life but of your taste too.

So choosing what to put and where need to be considered carefully if you care about having a beautiful home.

We can classify in very general terms the objects we acquire in the 3 categories above mentioned.

Objects which special beauty gives us visual pleasure: It can be a bowl, a vase, porcelain, etc

Items that either beautiful or not bring memories back, generating feelings of belonging, nostalgia, etc.

It could be the shell you picked up on the beach when you had that special holidays.

And finally items that fulfil a function like a vase, an ash tray, etc.

Positioning them correctly will demand of you common sense, taste, understanding of your home and its nature and finally it will test your ability to say no when it is too much or not the right item or place.

You can be minimal or kitsch but whatever you want to be it should be shamelessly consistent with the interiors you have (if it is harmony you are after).

Whatever you do avoid to have soft toys in social areas, they should be kept in your bedroom if they have a very strong emotional meaning to you.

They can be very cute or beautiful but elegance and sophistication is not one of their attributes.

Sport gear? Keep it your closet.

I have chosen some beautiful objects that I hope inspire you:   a decorative plate, vases, glasses, a bowl and sculptures of a bear and a horse.

Antiques are a wonderful source if looking for character, a story to be told and beauty.

Keep in mind that it is not about filling your home with pieces and pieces but choosing the right ones.

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