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Here we are, at the second stage of the kitchen’s design process for this urban kitchen: the approval of the “Concept phase”

The first phase was about collecting as much information as possible, understating the client’s expectations, ideas, technical requirements and budget.

I worked with this brief in mind in order to deliver a solution that included all those requirements plus the feel and look.

Due the small dimensions of the kitchen the location of the 3 main areas was straightforward: Fridge/freezer on the left, hob/hood at the front and washing area on the right

From this point I worked with the modulation in the lower units so to include as much as possible: Storage space in the form of magic corners and drawers, sink, dish washer and oven/hob.

For increasing the storage space the wall units were key so I proposed them all around, including in the composition: one shelf unit for cooking books and two shelf units in a different color for decorative accessories.

The client was concerned how the kitchen would look from her living space that is why a very   contemporary, linear, handleless range was chosen in light grey so to match the color scheme she has in the open plan.

The central shelving units would become the focal point not just because they pick the bold color present in the living room but because the lighting effect and accessories to be placed in them.

It will look more like a piece of furniture than a kitchen unit.

To reinforce this look a built in hood was chosen.

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All the rest of the units: tall, lower and wall ones will be in light grey, including the books shelving unit for giving homogeneity and make the kitchen look fresher.

The elements that remained to be chosen: worktop, splash back and flooring were vital for keeping that sleek, neat, clean and serene desired look.

One of the most beautiful patterns in natural stone is undoubtedly that of the Bianco Carrara marble with its off white background and organic veins in medium grey.

This was the perfect option in regards to look but not ideal in terms of material when you want to have an easy maintenance. So I proposed a good quality ceramic that recreates that pattern for floor and splash back.

I changed the format on the splash back and proposed the bigger horizontal one. This format would make the cleaning much easier as the quantity of joints is fewer.

The fact that floor and splash back are the same material will make the kitchen look bigger.

For giving some gravitas to the kitchen I proposed a worktop in medium gray which will pick the grey of the tiles. It will be a composite or resin.

So far…so good

There was an element missing though:

Where to put her small selection of wines and some of the decorative objects she was fond of?

The solution was presented to me thanks to the need of giving a nice finish to the side of the tiles to be fitted on the walls by the opening.

Visible tiles’ edges are almost never a beautiful thing to see.

The idea was then to create an “arch” that would “frame” the entrance, wide enough for allowing wine bottles to stand but thin enough for having a nice proportion seen form the open plan.

Internally she would have space for 12 bottles and on the top space for some objects.

The arch will be in light grey with the shelves in the same color shelf units.

The lighting was focused in 3 areas: task lighting (ceiling ones), cooking ones (below wall units) and decorative (the ones in the color shelving units).

All these concepts, ideas and products were approved by the client few days ago.

The following step is requesting quotes which may or not change the approved proposal.

In the next post you will see what changes, if any, have occurred on the technical drawings; the drawings ready for builder and Kitchen Company to start working on.