On my previous post about this urban kitchen I explained how the client approved the design at what I called “the concept phase” and the work involved in the process.

Once this step was achieved we moved towards the cost aspect of the project which was divided in two parts: The purchasing (furniture, appliances, accessories, flooring, lighting, etc) and the construction side.

As we were going to work with a kitchen company that will provide the kitchen furniture we visited two of them and sent the drawings to other two so we could have a clear idea about the differences in qualities, ranges, lead time and price the market was offering.

During this period of analysis and feasibility the design mostly remained as proposed but five ideas were adjusted:

1.- The location of the oven was changed from its place below the hob to a tower unit opposite to that of the fridge-freezer. This would allow two things: more comfort when cooking and second it would create a nice symmetry.

2.- Due to constrains in the ceiling (concrete slab) I proposed to create a false ceiling just at the center of the room, providing enough space for the down lights and adding a level of interest to the composition.

It is important to mention that due the small gap between the wall units and the ceiling this element just can be 60 mm high, so the fittings that were chosen were thin led lights which in total require just 40 mm space.

3.- The client mentioned that she would like to keep the same width of the opening of the kitchen so the bespoke wine unit had to be moved.

The opportunity to keep this unit was given thanks to the modulation of the kitchen which allowed me to insert this piece of furniture by the fridge-freezer.

4.- Finally even when the look of the tiles did not change, it did the dimension of them. It was decided not to take the tiles all the way around the entrance of the kitchen but just up to the top part of the splash back.

The exposed edges of the tiles will have an L shape chrome trim in tune with the decorative art deco pieces the client will display in the open units.

5.- The book shelf unit was changed of position in order get the most of the modulation the kitchen company was offering.

Once all these adjustments were made, the price was negotiated and the kitchen purchased.

At this moment everything has been bought and the date for starting building works on site has been agreed with the builder.

On my next and last post about this urban kitchen you will see the outcome with photos of the kitchen.