Artist: Anita Klein

Title:Hot Chocolate in Italy

Year: 2018

Dimension Image: 50 x 50 cm

Technique: Monotype

Price: TBC

About the Artist

Anita Klein was born in Sydney, Australia in 1960 and studied at both Chelsea School of Art and Slade School of Art, where she was awarded the Henrique Scholarship in 1982 and 1983. In 1985 Anita was made a fellow of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers and was later elected their president in 2002. Public collectors of her work include the Arts Council of Great Britain, The British Museum and London University, and she has exhibited across Britain, Europe, America, India and Australia, including at the ICA and the Royal Academy in London.

What does this work say (to me)?

Sometimes one finds that work of art that has the ability to make you smile, it is not about a deep, philosophical, politic, religious or compositional complex subject; it just makes you feel light and raises your mood to that of joy.

There is something wonderful about monotypes or xylography; due to way they are made it seems that the artist is compelled to focus intensely in that thing, that only thing that he or she wants to communicate above everything else.

It is like the need to have a very sharp focus.

Yes, you can say freely that the beauty of this piece is the composition, the freshness of the subject, the references it has to the way human faces have been portrait from ancient African masks up to the present, the sense of humor and sweetness achieved with the scarf and its pattern but the thing that elevates this graphic work to that special place for me is what the woman on the image expresses.

One does not think that she is beautiful because of the features of her face, one thinks she looks beautiful because the state of its being captured at that moment, a moment of pure satisfaction, kindness, joy and serenity.

The artist, keen on the genre of portrait, painted this image on canvas first if I’m not wrong and took it to the graphic media. Very assertive decision as it shows not just her abilities regarding the technique she used but as well allowed her to intensify the tone of the message.

A well executed piece so graceful in its outcome that one understands it is just possible thanks to the mastery achieved on the technique.

In what Room to place it?

My favorite places would be the bedroom or the study but not because it would not look great or appropriate in other rooms but because it is in these two rooms where we usually have more time to contemplate, to immerse ourselves in the depths of who we are and who we want to be.

Displaying it

I saw this work framed and I liked the wide mounting around it, around 100 mm, it gives more perspective to the image.

A black frame should be the only color to consider; nothing should distract your eye.