Theme Building[2]a

Christopher Thomas. Theme Building II, LAX, Los Angeles.2017 © Christopher Thomas, courtesy Hamiltons Gallery, London

Artist:  Christopher Thomas

Title: Theme Building II, LAX, Los Angeles

Year:  2017

Dimension Paper: 103 x 135 cm

Dimension Image: 82.5 x 110 cm.

Technique: Archival Pigment print on Arches Cold Pressed Rag Paper

Signed and numbered in the margin, recto

About the artist:

Christopher Thomas was born in 1961 in Munich, Germany.

His profession and vocation has been photography which has led him to win several awards as commercial photographer.

His photo reportages have appeared in magazines such as Geo, Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Stern and Merian.

Christopher is well known for his series on cities which explore their urban and architectural aspects helping us to understand what shapes those cities, what defines them in the physical sense.

The first of these series was “Munich Elegies” In 2005. Since then he has worked on New York, Venice, Paris and  Los Angeles.  For each of these city portraits there is a publication compiling all the images.

New York Sleeps, published by Prestel in 2009 (7th ed., 2016) was awarded the Deutscher Fotobuchpreis (German Photobook Prize). Thomas received several awards for this series Passion including the Silver Medal of the Art Directors Club of Germany (2011) and the German Design Award (2013).

Works of Thomas are in major private and institutional collections such as the Francois Pinault Collection, the Sir Elton John Photography Collection and the German Bundestag Art Collection.

What the  “Theme Building II, LAX, Los Angeles”  is saying?

The work of an artist is defined by his/her creations. One piece can offer clues about what he or she wants to express but when one sees a series of his/her work then there are no more clues, not more assumptions.

There is a statement, a clear intention and a path.

I saw this work as part of the series “Los Angeles”: a group of photos in black and white that shows us parts of the city: its buildings, its roads, and its urban landscape.

They are the theme, just them.

It struck me how beautiful and impeccable they were from the point of view of their making and presentation.  But there was something else…

For understanding this we need to indentify distinctive parts of this work and how Thomas presents it:

_It is in black and white

_He makes the city, as an urban entity, the only “presence” on those photos.

_The point of view

_The way the image is printed on the paper leaving that “blurred” strip between the whiteness of the paper and the image itself.

All these elements working together revealed a testimony, a document of an archeological piece; each one of the photographs felt like a “bone” of a huge animal than when put together defines and explains the city, the “creature” they are part of.

In this case, the photo of Los Angeles International Airport building, LAX, the association is almost literal.

The beauty of it, the imposing architecture and the angle from which it was taken talk about the essence of this city.

In what Room to place it?

The artist has decided to offer this work in two dimensions. If you have the space I would suggest taking home the bigger one: 103 x 135 cm.

In this case the bigger dimension increases the appeal and impact of the image. The level of detail is just wonderful.

This is a work that I would suggest to place in a living room or a wide hall.

It is an image that will drag your attention but it will demand from you to be at certain distance. So you need space.

Displaying it

The frame needs to be in black and the paper “floating” in the space of the frame as the picture shows.

It is a work that can manage a background either in white or color (walls) but I would say it needs its space so avoid hanging pieces by its side, give it room.


Price on request and subject to change without notice.


If you are interested in purchasing this art work please feel free to contact me by email [email protected] or mobile 0755 4025486.