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Artist: Nadav Kander

Title:Water XVII, (Southend towards Phoenix Caisson Mulberry Harbour)

Year: 2015

Dimension: 180 x 81 cm

Technique: Photograph: Archival Pigment Print

Price: TBC

About the Artist

Nadav Kander was born in 1961 in Tel Aviv, Israel; living in London since 1985.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017 Dark Line – The Thames Estuary, Flowers Gallery, London

2016 Dust, Flowers Gallery, New York

2014 Dust, Les Rencontres d’Arles, France

2014 Yangtze – The Long River, Haggerty Museum, USA

2013 Bodies. 6 Women, 1 Man, Flowers Gallery, London, UK

2011 Inner Condition, Obama’s People and Other Portraits, Centro Andaluz de la        Fotografia, Almeria, Spain

2009 Obama’s People, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, UK

2005 Keep Your Distance, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France

2002 Beauty’s Nothing, Acte 2 Gallery, Paris, France

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 Looking Good: The Male Gaze From Van Dyck to Lucian Fr eud, Scottish National  Portrait Gallery

2017 Proof of Life / Lebenszeichen, Weserburg Museum, Germany

2017 Britain In Focus: A Photographic History, National Media Museum, UK

2015 Grace of Intention: Photography, Architecture and the Monument, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago

2015 Constructing Worlds: Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age, Museo ICO, Madrid

2014 Constructing Worlds: Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age, Barbican,  London, UK

2013 Under My Skin: Contemporary Nudes curated by Mona Kuhn, Flowers Gallery, New York, USA

2013 Landmark: Fields of Photography, Somerset House, London, UK

2012 Architekturfotografie – Made in China, Museum fur Angewandte Kunst Koln (MAKK), Cologne, Germany

2012 The World in London, The Photographers Gallery, London UK

2012 Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy, London UK

2011 Body Gestures, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel

2011 Infinite Balance: Artists and the Enviroment, Museum of Photographic Arts, San   Diego

2010 Prix Pictet Laureates, Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland

2009 Earth: Yangtze, The Long River, Prix Pictet Awards, Purdy Hicks,Gallery London, UK

2008 Dystopia, Robert Koch Gallery, San Francisco, USA

2008 Photo of the Month, National Portrait Gallery, London, UK

2007 The Photographic Portrait Prize 2007, National Portrait Gallery, London, UK

2006 Shanghai 8th Annual Photography Festival, Shanghai Art Museum, China

2005 Photographic Portrait Prize, National Portrait Gallery, London, UK

2004 Dreamweavers, Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York, USA

2003 Enchanted Evening, Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York, USA

2002 DACS Exhibition CISAC 2002 World Congress Queen Elizabeth Exhibition II Congress Centre, Westminster, London UK

2001 Beauty’s Nothing, Fahey Klein Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

Selected Awards

2015 Honorary Fellowship, The Royal Photographic Society

2014 World Press Photo Awards – Staged Portraits Single, 3rd prize

2013 World Press Photo Awards – Staged Portraits Single, 1st prize

2012 International Photography Awards, Editorial and Advertising

2009 Prix Pictet Eartg, Winner

2009 Annual Lucie Awards, Internaltional Photographer of the Year

2007 The Royal Photographic Society “Terence Donovan” Award. National Portrait  Gallery

2008 Lianzhou International Photo Festival, Silver Photographer of the Year

1997 Fujifilm Award Winner

Selected Public Collections

National Portrait Gallery, London, UK

The Franks – Suss Collection

Pictet & Cie’s Art Collection

Statoil Collection, Norway

Société Générale, Paris, France

Art Gallery, NSW, Australia

National Galleries of Scotland

Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago

Marta Herford Museum Of Art, Architecture, Design, Germany

Sheldon Museum of Art, Lincoln, USA

What does “Water XVII “ say?

There is the well known expression “an image says a thousand words” and there are very few occasions when an image is so sharp, so precise that it can express the meaning, the deep meaning of just one word. It represents, embodies it.

And that is what this image conveys to me.


The theme, the color palette, the composition and the framing, all of it, reinforce that feeling of imprisonment, abandonees, hopelessness, desperation, the power of nature, our defenseless and the mystery, claustrophobic feeling of the unknown.

Having the sensibility to put all these “pieces” together is a talent that without any doubt Nadav Kander has.

With the proliferation of photography as everybody can “take photos” it is a temptation for many to grant the title of artist to those that once (probably with a bit of luck even 3 times) in their life time take an outstanding image. This easiness in judgment has diminished in an important way the recognition of the work of many whose commitment and talent are present and constant.

What one should expect from an artist is that commitment and continuity in his/her work where every piece of work adds meaning and understanding to his/her intentions and exploration; each piece aiming to capture that that elusively keeps hiding itself.

When an artist chooses a theme that has been already explored many, many times it is even more relevant to evaluate his/her work as a whole so to be able to indentify its consistency and direction.

It is in the body of work that the theme becomes his/her theme and not “the theme”. The first being an artist, the second a craftsman.

In what Room to place it?

This image, due its proportions I would place in a room with a narrow perspective like a corridor, ideally a long one so to increase the effect of the image to allow oneself to be seduced by the mystery beyond with such power that just one can compare it with the effect caused by the song sung by a mermaid at the distance at her leisure and to our peril.

Displaying it

Two suggestions:

_Color of the wall white or a dark color

_Invest in a lighting system that just casts light on the image.