Artist:  Scottie Wilson (1890-1972)

Title: Underwater Garden – Fish Ed. 122/300

Year:  1955. Signed lower right.

Dimensions:  90 x 90 cm

Technique: Screen print on Silk


This work is the outcome of an invitation made by Zika and Lida Ascher to create a design for a scarf which was part of a collection of scarves designed by famous artists of the time; among them: Matisse, Barbara Hepworth, Charles Moore, Sutherland, Alexander Calder, etc.

This had an extraordinary importance as it allowed art to be introduced to a wider audience in the shape of a piece of clothing. They were limited editions though.

About the artist:

Scottie Wilson who was born in Glasgow started his career as an artist at the age of 44 years old. It happened during an act of “revelation” when he suddenly started drawing on a cardboard tabletop.

As he described: “the pen seemed to make me draw… I could not stop- I’ve never stopped since that day”.

He fought in several wars being after World War I when he decided to migrate to Canada where he was a shop owner.

Scottie had a challenging relation with the art world (the commercialization of art), hence why this plus the special source of his artistic language that he has been considered by many as an outsider.

He created a visual vocabulary where animals, plants and strange creatures (malignant personifications) where a constant in his work.

Picasso and Dubuffet were admirers and collectors of his work meeting both of them in France in the early 50’s.

It is that consistency in his creations what makes him such an interesting artist.

Some of his most important exhibitions are:

1975, The Ascher Squares, Neiman Marcus, Dallas

1983, Redfern Gallery

1987, Zika and Lida Ascher: Fabric – Art – Fashion, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

1990, Ascher Artists Scarves, Comme des Garçons, Tokyo

2008, Styling the Modern: Fine Art Meets Fashion, Fine Art Centre, Colorado Springs.

What the  “Underwater Garden – Fish”  is saying?

When one sees art in any shape or form one has the duty to understand the context in which it was created which helps us to see the potential motivations behind its existence.

There are many reasons why this work is so beautifully achieved

1.-The particular graphic language of Scottie Wilson suits perfectly the technique used for printing his creation on silk.  Theme, expression and technique work together effortlessly

2.- The beautiful composition and how every element in it works expresses Scottie’s world.

3.- This piece was created 10 years after the end of World War II and still a lot of optimism and faith in a better future were necessary to convey to the people in every possible way and just looking at this piece it gives  you exactly that: happiness, optimism and sweetness.

In what Room to place it?

When I thought of this my first reaction was: In the dining room.

It is such a pretty and happy piece that having it in front of you when enjoying your food would make everything even better.

My second thought went to your entrance hall. What a way of saying hello!!!

And my third option is by your favorite chair and floor lamp, your reading spot.

Imagine it:  just impeccable!

Displaying it

This is a bold piece in terms of color so it needs space to breathe and soft light please. Textiles are very sensitive to strong light, like papers are.

When framed this piece can be easily 1.2 x 1.2 mts so avoid the temptation to place it on big walls too above of your eye level.

You need to be able to immerse yourself in this aquatic world and get lost in your thoughts of peace, harmony, safety and comfort.


£ 4.500


If you are interested in purchasing this art work please feel free to contact me by email [email protected] or mobile 0755 4025486.