How do you imagine your bathroom to be?

How it should be?

What comforts it should be offering you?

What features are a must?

All the answers for these questions are going to vary depending on your life style, taste and budget.

What most of us would agree though is that our bathroom should be beautiful and functional.

Functionality is a must as otherwise you would have a bad designed bathroom.

And we have the other… Beauty!

Beauty is a tricky thing to define as doing so we get into the field of subjectivity.

One aspect of the dynamic of design that helps us to be aligned with what is being defined as “beautiful” is following trends so we step into that consensus of what is good, harmonious, aesthetically pleasing or just unique in a relatively easy way.

Please be aware that following trends can go terribly wrong. That is when your taste can save the day.

One of the most important items in the bathroom for achieving that beauty is how the surfaces are treated: Tiles, mosaics, glass, wood, graphics, stone, metals, etc are just some of the options you have at your disposal… If you are in the knowing of what is trendy you will choose very easily and hopefully assertively.

But the material is not all we have to think about, it is in the selection of the color of that material when our sharpness in taste is going to move one step forward (or backwards if lacking it) towards the right direction.

Every year new materials, textures and colors appear demanding attention.

One of the trends I have seen in 2018, is the use of solid colors for your bathrooms, they can be bold or mild depending on the look/feel you want to achieve

Now what is the consequence of dressing those big surfaces in color?

What colors should you use?

What is the color of the grout?

IMG_4898The consequence of using color can be happiness, achieving a discreet simplicity and elegance, making a statement or simply creating an atmosphere that relies on color (not in shape) for delivering that sense of peacefulness and comfort.

Blues, Greens, Ochres, Greys are some of the options at your disposal fashion is favoring right now.   I’m intentionally leaving outside of this list the pantone color of the year 18-3838 Ultra Violet as I think it is a color that one can get tired of it very fast. But saying that combined with grey it can be tamed and make it work. Combinations with white are too harsh and with other colors you may get into the Pop mood. Great if that is what you want.

When using color in your bathroom you may need to use two different tones in order to get the balance right allowing the eye to rest so there is always excitement to discover and feel the presence of color and the way you can achieve this is by making its presence noticeable by the contrast when in front of another color.

The choosing of the grout closes the look being my first suggestion to have it in the same or similar color than the tiles; strong contrasts lead to an 80’s feel that still looks dated and a bit out of order.