The short answer is: because you care and you can.

When working on interiors one of the many challenges we as designers face is the design of specific pieces of furniture for solving specific uses, spaces or conditions:

_Furniture below the staircase


_A piece of furniture that houses objects that require special storage: a collection of glass, ceramics, a bar, etc.


These are practical reasons why a bespoke piece is the ideal solution for a space that can otherwise be challenging to use and/or not easy to make look good.

But there is another one: The need we human beings have of individuality.

Bespoke pieces move in between these two fronts.

built in

Whatever the reasons that motivate the decision my opening statement to this post explains it all.

You will have bespoke furniture because you care about: the whole effect of your interiors, detailing, harmony, optimization in the use of the available space you have at your disposal and because you want your home to look just perfect and beautiful.

You will have bespoke furniture because you can. Having well designed, detailed and crafted furniture is not cheap so if you are aiming from good to exquisite in these three areas the outcome will come with a price attached to it that you are willing to pay.


So what aspects I would suggest to you for making of this adventure a successful one?

1.- Define the task (brief)

You need to be absolutely clear what will be the use of the furniture and what features it needs to have

2.- Hire a designer

2Clapham North20

A designer (either an interior designer or a furniture designer) should provide the right solution that combines functionality and beauty (considering the existing or proposed feel and look of your home)

3.- Hire a furniture maker (good should be the minimum acceptable)

Furniture makers are like doctors you don’t know how good they are up to you   see the outcome of their deed.

So, recommendation is the best way to go or if not possible you need to check his/her portfolio is a genuine one.

4.- Hire a fantastic Installer.

2Knightsbridge bathroom 1

Most of the times 3 and 4 are the same professional, though occasionally is not the case.

Talking about built in bespoke furniture means the need of assembling/installing the furniture on site. Some furniture companies have two different teams for the making and installation of the units.

I cannot insist enough about how crucial is to rely on a good installer to put your furniture together; look at it in this way: A beautifully made furniture can be destroyed by a bad installation; an average to low quality furniture can be enhanced by a great installation.

Bespoke furniture is the solution for specific challenges and definitely is the right solution if what you are after is exclusivity and individuality for your free standing pieces.