Interior design is a complex profession as in our eyes every piece and I repeat, every piece that is visible in our homes affects the final feel and look of the different rooms.

How much do they affect the outcome?

It depends on your level of expectation and eye for detail.

Master pieces are not created for accepting middle points or for making compromises.

Even though the concept of “master piece” is not usually granted to interiors there are some examples that show that level can be achieved; certainly beautiful interiors should be the minimum to be achieved.

It still surprises me to hear comments that interior design is a job where choosing furniture and curtains are at the core of what we do.

It is much more than that, it goes from the door you have, to the handle you choose, to the grout of those tiles without mentioning the most important aspect which is conceptualizing the interiors, and it is here where everything starts.

I recently went to the trade show “architects @work” where I found some great products that certainly would add beauty to the rooms they are in backing up the proposed concept.

All of them are items alien to the worlds of furnishing and soft furnishing but certainly a very important part of interior design.

hudevad_radiatorsHudevad radiators. This model can be installed around the windows so it does not interfere with the wall space.

Karcher designKarcher design. A beautiful handle.

Mapei kerapoxy designMapei Kerapoxy design. This new product gives a satin look to your grout, enhancing the appearance of the tiles with a not porous texture.

StuvWooden burner by Stuv. Industrial chic look is still alive and will be for many years to come. Who does not love those Dickensian warehouses?

AntraxTowel rail by Antrax. It is refreshing to see a beautiful towel radiator and a different way of storing your towels.

MHBDoor system by MHB. Sleek, beautiful where industrial meets modernity.