Accessorizing Your Home: The Closure Statement

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“If one is fortunate enough to live with beautiful objects, one should share them insofar as possible with others. I say “live with” advisedly because, as one grows older, one realizes that one doesn’t really own things. – one is simply a custodian of them” David Rockefeller One of the most enlightening words I have […]

Accessories: The Art of Choosing and Placing Objects Tastefully

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Pleasure, Memory and Function. These are three of the most recurrent reasons why we accumulate objects in our homes. The interiors of your home are not finished with the selection of wall finishes, materials and furniture. That is a very important, of course, but it is not all.  The selection of art and accessories must […]

A Christmassy Talkative Reindeer


I have been thinking what should be the theme for this the last post of 2016 and the answer was obvious. It should be about Christmas!!! One of the things I like the most about this season is the Christmas decorations. I think, out there, there are many people who agree with me. They can […]

Christmas Presents: The Return Of Forgotten Pleasures

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Many of us like technology for many reasons. It increases our efficiency, gives us access to new experiences and frees our time. Because of this, for some of you, with the arrival of Christmas, technology stars in the wish list of things you desire. In Britain Christmas is deeply linked to winter, the cold season […]

Beauty On Your Walls, 7 Ideas

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Art as we understand it is a product of the renaissance during the XV century, before that the dressing of walls was considered as a necessity, to be done in order to add beauty and identity to the interiors of homes, the higher in the hierarchy you were the stronger that necessity became. Sometimes the […]

Flowers in Interiors: Towards a Masculine Style

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The beauty of flowers has always fascinated me. I was studying architecture, when a professor who was teaching me topography said “I do not understand why we, men, cannot receive flowers as a present, I like them a lot”. It was then that I understood that indeed men can enjoy and be seduced by flowers […]

Beautiful and Masculine: 5 Must Have Accessories


How many of you once your home is ready, feel or notice that there is something missing: yes the architecture is right, the interiors impeccable, art on walls excellent, furniture offering harmony, beauty and comfort to the scheme but then you realize the surfaces are empty: coffee table, console, sideboard, cabinet, side table, dining table, […]

Seven Metals in Sophisticated Masculine Interiors

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Metals have been an important part in the history of human kind and its widespread use embraces different areas:  construction, defense, decoration, accessories, flooring, clothing, technology, art and furniture among others. The appeal of metals, beside their strength, has its roots probably in their association with fire, the element that tames and shapes them. Forging […]

Leather In Masculine Interiors: A Beautiful Tradition

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Leather is one of the oldest materials used in the domestic arena, items up to 5000 years old have been found. In the 19th century they discovered new ways of tanning hides; a process triggered and supported by machines designed during the industrial revolution. We tend to associate leather with luxury, which is not far […]

Frozen Air: the Spirit of Glass


Parts Low vases by Anna Torfs. Photography courtesy of Harlequin London. Good quality and beautiful vases are a must in well designed rooms. Being at the same level of wonderful natural flowers is not an easy thing and well designed and crafted vases make the task very easy. I like the strong and at the […]