Bedroom Interiors Furnishing: Bespoke Wardrobe

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One of the must have pieces in any bedroom is the wardrobe. If you have enough space in your home probably you can afford the luxury of a walk in closet, an annex to the bedroom, separated from it completely. The purpose of the wardrobe is to allow us to store our clothing in a […]

Leather In Masculine Interiors: A Beautiful Tradition

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Leather is one of the oldest materials used in the domestic arena, items up to 5000 years old have been found. In the 19th century they discovered new ways of tanning hides; a process triggered and supported by machines designed during the industrial revolution. We tend to associate leather with luxury, which is not far […]

A Man’s Bedroom: 5 Key Points when Designing it

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How important is for you to sleep in a room that embraces you, that pampers you? Your bedroom is the last thing you see and ¬†feel at night when closing your eyes and the first when you open them next day. Should not be that surrounding inspiring and motivating? ¬†Here 5 key points for you […]