Feature Wall or Focal Point?

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In the Interior design industry as in any other creative/decorative field trends are big. We humans, being social by nature, like to identify ourselves with others as we like to take distance from others too for whatever reasons. One way of creating those clusters is through the repetition and ownership of visual elements. From this […]

Monochrome In Interiors

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There is something very soothing and hypnotic in muted, dark monochrome schemes. Probably it is the fact that our brains are forced to work less, all the room can be taken at once without the need of making the connections after analyzing every item in it or it may be that they are welcomed oasis […]

Wooden Doors Painted: Right Decision?

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In interior design there are not absolute truths, there are relative ones. So, from this perspective there cannot be wrong decisions if we look at every decision without the context that surrounds it. Decisions take a dimension of validity when they are confronted with a bigger picture which can be: taste, style, consistency, harmony or […]

Making Interiors Real: A Team Work

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Once of the most exciting moments in the process of translating lines, colors and mood boards into reality is the first day on site. The building work has started. There will be many professionals involved: Planning authorities, building inspector, builder, project manager, structural engineer, AV technician, electrician, plumber, furniture maker, curtain maker, etc. All these […]

Black Metal In Interiors: A Sexy Material

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Once one of the most famous American architects Louis Kahn used to say: “even a brick wants to be something”. Every material has the capability to be special in something; every material around us conveys a message and when we combine some of those messages we create a language that potentially will define styles and […]

Interiors: Matt vs Glossy

When purchasing a ready-made piece of furniture or engaging a furniture maker to create a new one we look at functionality, aesthetic appeal, materials, colors and finally the finishing on the surface: matt or gloss. The answer to this varies depending on what is fashionable however the choice of it tends to span trends and […]

Interior Design: If You Have to Choose

I was asked recently what I was good at: choosing furniture, colors, artwork, etc. The idea in the mind of the interviewer was to think of interior design as the outcome of creating something based on the ability of choosing items. Yes, part of interior design is that but for me the most important part […]

Living in a Block of Flats? Your Home Has Grown

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Many   citizens of this wonderful city rebel against the idea of living in a block of flats. The romantic thought of owning a house with a garden is very seductive for many, a dream for an important part of the population that reflects their dignity, achievement in life and their position in society. This idea […]