Choosing Finishes for a Family Home

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When working on a new project one of the most fascinating and challenging parts at the same time is developing the concept which takes shape from the information received from the client and the individual ability  of the designer to put everything together creating an outcome that is much more than the addition of the […]

Staircase: The Neglected Room

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Stairs and their surroundings (the Staircase) throughout history have been extremely important for expressing the dignity, taste and relevance of the owner of the house. This is why they were designed with such passion and attention to detail, choosing the best materials and the most dramatic effects for making a statement, a declaration of pride […]

Are The Corners in Your Home Beautiful?

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Two cornices, different in style, modify the feel of these rooms.  The use of colour will reinforce or tame this intervention. Have you noticed recently the corners in your home? Are they crispy and vibrant? Are they neglected and disappearing behind layers and layers of paint? Or have they being tamed, reshaped or enhanced by […]

The Joy of The Journey: Walls

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I was asked by a property developer to design the interiors of a flat he is going to rent to an individual or couple. The flat used to be offices but now it is being converted into a dwelling. My client wants to offer to his tenant a fully furnished flat with the quality and […]

God is in the Detail. How good is your home?

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The expression “God is in the detail” originated from the idea that whatever one does should be done thoroughly. “The saying is generally attributed to Gustave Flaubert (1821-80), who is often quoted as saying, ‘Le bon Dieu est dans le detail’ (God is in the details). Other attributions include Michelangelo, the architect Ludwig Mies van der […]

Pantone, Color of the Year: Greenery 15-0343

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Why we celebrate with such enthusiasm the arrival of a New Year? We do, because it represents, and it is, an opportunity to start again, to create, to improve and to develop. New beginnings bring hope; they trigger that fire in us that lead us towards a better and more fulfilling future, inspiring us to […]



Happy New Year 2017. I hope all of you have had a fantastic Christmas festivities and celebrated the arrival of the New Year with renewed energy and optimism. It will be a great one!!! No option there. Believing this will make us responsible and accountable in making it happen. So let’s do our best. Talking […]

Using Colour: A Case Study

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Colour surrounds us; it is so embedded in who we are as human beings that sometimes we forget how powerful it can be in defining situations, memories, places, feelings or even time. We take colour for granted and because we move constantly from one point to another we do not realise the continuum or the […]

Are You From This Century? Then Geometry Is For You

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The concept of fashion is a complicated one as it involves at the same time those that create it and those that follow it, and the gap of time and space between those two is not a big one when it is in its developing phase. In interior design when something is fashionable we call […]

Surfaces, Identity And The Creation Of Comfort

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When I was a kid I used to play with all sorts of blankets,  making tents to play in. I liked the warm and cosy atmosphere they created not just because the fabric seemed to wrap around me but because it offered that sense of ownership, protection and intimacy. There were two other elements that […]