Choosing Finishes for a Family Home

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When working on a new project one of the most fascinating and challenging parts at the same time is developing the concept which takes shape from the information received from the client and the individual ability  of the designer to put everything together creating an outcome that is much more than the addition of the […]

Residential Projects: On Extra-Ordinary Flooring

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Flooring is one of the most important items to choose on interiors as it is the background on which all the furniture, soft furniture and even art will be set against influencing in no small way how they are seen, perceived and felt. In residential projects flooring tends to go to the safe side: wooden […]

Joinery: Floors, Architraves and Skirting

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Joinery is defined as “the wooden components of a building, such as stairs, doors, and door and window frames, viewed collectively”. All these elements are the bridge between the interior architecture of the building and the interiors of it in terms of the elements that define its feel and look. Wooden floor, architraves and skirting […]

Flooring Social Areas: Porcelain, Natural Stones or Wood?

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One of the most important decisions when changing the look and feel of your home is choosing what kind of floor you would like to have. The final choice probably will vary from room to room. In general terms in a home we have: Social areas (living and dining room), bedrooms, bathrooms, circulation (hall, corridors, […]

Staircase: The Neglected Room

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Stairs and their surroundings (the Staircase) throughout history have been extremely important for expressing the dignity, taste and relevance of the owner of the house. This is why they were designed with such passion and attention to detail, choosing the best materials and the most dramatic effects for making a statement, a declaration of pride […]

On Flooring: A Border Problem


As many of us, mortals, I like to have the right pair of shoes for every specific situation:  The formal one, the sporty, the casual, the festive, etc. This idea of wearing the right shoes, in my case, follows two ambitions:  they need to be able to perform correctly in the context I want them […]

Contemporary Interiors And The Raw Beauty Of Concrete

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Concrete as a material started to be used thousands of years ago, the more notorious examples being those left by the Romans. Its worldwide notoriety started in the second half of the XX Century being the first and biggest influence through engineering projects such as bridges and highways, then architecture followed, producing one of the […]

Seven Metals in Sophisticated Masculine Interiors

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Metals have been an important part in the history of human kind and its widespread use embraces different areas:  construction, defense, decoration, accessories, flooring, clothing, technology, art and furniture among others. The appeal of metals, beside their strength, has its roots probably in their association with fire, the element that tames and shapes them. Forging […]

Leather In Masculine Interiors: A Beautiful Tradition

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Leather is one of the oldest materials used in the domestic arena, items up to 5000 years old have been found. In the 19th century they discovered new ways of tanning hides; a process triggered and supported by machines designed during the industrial revolution. We tend to associate leather with luxury, which is not far […]

Flooring: When the Floor of your Interiors is not Wood


We all agree wood is one of the favorites but is not the only option available for making of your floor a beautiful feature in its own right. There are natural and synthetics materials at your disposal. Which one to choose is going to be determined by the feel, look, use and budget you have.