Exceptional Pieces for your Home: Perfect Christmas Presents

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It is Christmas and in most of our minds we are thinking about the perfect present for that special being or beings in our lives be it human or not. In my family home we always had dogs and every Christmas we thought of their presents too, there were four dogs and one cat, two […]

Furniture: Classic or Contemporary?

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When choosing furniture for your home there is the possibility you will be wandering if you should choose a safer classic look or a more daring contemporary style. It is not uncommon us to think in opposites: black or white, modern or classic, cold or hot, etc. If we transfer this approach to interiors the […]

Design and Craftsmanship: From Italy with Love

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All my clients, so far, have a special interest in modern/contemporary design. This vision of modernity or contemporaneous schemes varies from client to client. For some is about colors, for others furniture, textiles or art  and  for more daring ones it is about all of those elements combined in such way that  they deliver that […]

Reception Area: The Entrance Hall for Homes in Tall Buildings

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When I was invited to design the reception area and specifying the carpet for the building’s corridors it was a   beautiful opportunity for me to add beauty to a building which I believe its residents should be proud of due to its architectural achievements. From this perspective I decided to honor it through the feel and […]

When Furnishing Becomes an Art Statement

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Furnishing is one of the most enjoyable phases when working in the interiors of any room. At that point finishes, flooring and lighting should have been decided. The furniture floor plan layout approved by the client and the style of the overall look and feel confirmed as well. So the task on hand is find […]

Bedroom Interiors Furnishing: Bespoke Wardrobe

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One of the must have pieces in any bedroom is the wardrobe. If you have enough space in your home probably you can afford the luxury of a walk in closet, an annex to the bedroom, separated from it completely. The purpose of the wardrobe is to allow us to store our clothing in a […]

Chairs: From Scandinavian to Italian

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In the world of contemporary interiors a lot is going on from bringing to life the creations of old, old times up to the design of pieces that seem to challenge the mere concept of present bringing what seems to be the future to today’s realm and everything in between. The point I want to […]

Bespoke Furniture, Why Bother?

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The short answer is: because you care and you can. When working on interiors one of the many challenges we as designers face is the design of specific pieces of furniture for solving specific uses, spaces or conditions: _Furniture below the staircase _Niches _A piece of furniture that houses objects that require special storage: a […]

Staircase: The Neglected Room

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Stairs and their surroundings (the Staircase) throughout history have been extremely important for expressing the dignity, taste and relevance of the owner of the house. This is why they were designed with such passion and attention to detail, choosing the best materials and the most dramatic effects for making a statement, a declaration of pride […]