Monochrome In Interiors

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There is something very soothing and hypnotic in muted, dark monochrome schemes. Probably it is the fact that our brains are forced to work less, all the room can be taken at once without the need of making the connections after analyzing every item in it or it may be that they are welcomed oasis […]

Joinery: Floors, Architraves and Skirting

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Joinery is defined as “the wooden components of a building, such as stairs, doors, and door and window frames, viewed collectively”. All these elements are the bridge between the interior architecture of the building and the interiors of it in terms of the elements that define its feel and look. Wooden floor, architraves and skirting […]

Reception Area: The Entrance Hall for Homes in Tall Buildings

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When I was invited to design the reception area and specifying the carpet for the building’s corridors it was a   beautiful opportunity for me to add beauty to a building which I believe its residents should be proud of due to its architectural achievements. From this perspective I decided to honor it through the feel and […]

Profits vs Design in the Rental Market: A Property Developer Dilemma

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In our City, property development can be if not the most, one of the most profitable businesses to be involved with; either buying a property for a quick sell after refurbishment or keeping it for investment benefiting meanwhile of the rent, in both cases design plays a very important role in the  process. The question […]

Architecture and Interior Design: A Great Team

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The reality of the stock of houses in a great city like London is that there are no many occasions  when an architect can leave his/her footprint  regarding the design of the whole  exterior of a single house:  from the development of the concept up to the finishes. The decisions on how the house will […]

Walking Through a London City Flat


It has been told many times that an image says more than one thousand words. Then a video says millions. This is why this time I will be very austere in my writing. Just a short introduction of the project I worked on for approximately 6 months since the discussion of the first idea up […]

Project in Progress: Towards a Vision

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In any project there are three stages that I would say are crucial in the “life” of a project previous to the end result, previous to that minute when everything is done and going back is neither an option nor a desire: The happy ending we want for every project. The Creation or Concept phase […]



Happy New Year 2017. I hope all of you have had a fantastic Christmas festivities and celebrated the arrival of the New Year with renewed energy and optimism. It will be a great one!!! No option there. Believing this will make us responsible and accountable in making it happen. So let’s do our best. Talking […]

Commercial Interiors: Beauty Salon, A Case Study


When one designs for a commercial project there are two objectives in mind, one that aims to satisfy the client’s brief and the other that  constantly  imagine the customer experiencing the space, feeling it, getting inspired by it and finally making him/her wants whatever that space has to offer. When Apple & Eve contacted me […]