One Thing and One Thing Only: The Kitchen Splash Back

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Lately I have designed few kitchens being all of them part of an open plan layout. As we know our contemporary life style make us love this solution as it allows us to have more control on our surroundings, makes cooking an act of socializing and enjoyment and finally it creates new ways of understanding, […]

Planning your New Interiors; Working Out the Budget

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In one of my current projects my client wants to change the interiors of his two bedrooms flat: Staircase, Corridor, bedrooms and Living room; new feel and look. The kitchen and bathroom were refurbished not that long ago so he did not want to put design or construction effort on them. Wise decision from the […]

An Urban Kitchen: Technical-Sign Off Phase, Third Part

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On my previous post about this urban kitchen I explained how the client approved the design at what I called “the concept phase” and the work involved in the process. Once this step was achieved we moved towards the cost aspect of the project which was divided in two parts: The purchasing (furniture, appliances, accessories, […]

Bespoke Furniture, Why Bother?

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The short answer is: because you care and you can. When working on interiors one of the many challenges we as designers face is the design of specific pieces of furniture for solving specific uses, spaces or conditions: _Furniture below the staircase _Niches _A piece of furniture that houses objects that require special storage: a […]

Open Plan Rooms. Is There A Rule?

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Since Victorian times changes in the domestic environment have been substantial being the source of those changes many: Architecture, social conventions, role of man, role of woman, technology and aesthetic preferences. In 2018, approximately 170 years after, the way we enjoy our home is a totally new history that keeps moving and adjusting itself. One […]

Home Design Centre: Duaris and Hehku. Kitchen. Last Part

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I have been explaining what decisions were taken in regards to the different rooms of the Home Design Centre and why in my previous posts. I left the Kitchen to the end as it was the first one that was created in my mind and the one from which the entire scheme developed not just […]

An Urban Kitchen: Concept Phase. Second Part

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Here we are, at the second stage of the kitchen’s design process for this urban kitchen: the approval of the “Concept phase” The first phase was about collecting as much information as possible, understating the client’s expectations, ideas, technical requirements and budget. I worked with this brief in mind in order to deliver a solution […]

An Urban Kitchen: A Case Study. First Part

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A kitchen is, with the bathroom, the most important rooms in a home. Nobody has doubts about it. However not all kitchens are the same; there are important differences between   kitchens from densely populated cities and those in small ones and the country side. One may think that the basic difference is size, which of […]

What is That About Regular Patterns? On Tiles

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At the weekend I was having dinner with friends; lovely food and interesting conversations. One of the themes we talked about was patterns.  Not in the design world but in the human behavior one. Complicated subject… I find fascinating that as humans we relate to patterns in one way or another, nature probes that constantly. […]

Men’s Toy: That Room In Your Home

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When it comes to the understanding and enjoyment of home men have few rooms  that they want to have an special eye on whether single or married:  The study, the games room, the cinema and for some lucky ones, if they have it, the cellar. Kitchen and garden are areas that very often are being […]