Exceptional Pieces for your Home: Perfect Christmas Presents

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It is Christmas and in most of our minds we are thinking about the perfect present for that special being or beings in our lives be it human or not. In my family home we always had dogs and every Christmas we thought of their presents too, there were four dogs and one cat, two […]

Staircase: The Neglected Room

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Stairs and their surroundings (the Staircase) throughout history have been extremely important for expressing the dignity, taste and relevance of the owner of the house. This is why they were designed with such passion and attention to detail, choosing the best materials and the most dramatic effects for making a statement, a declaration of pride […]

Choosing Light Fittings

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A very important part in the interior design process is the choosing of the light fittings. Some of the aspects to consider are: _Kind of light you want: warm, cold _Source of light you want/need: direct or indirect light _Function of the light: task light, feature light, ambience light _Surface to be used: wall, ceiling, […]

It is Summer: 5 Things You Must Have

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It is summer and many of us are going out and about looking for that green spot where to lay down, relax, share with friends and have that direct dialogue with nature and the sun. But you do not need to go out…. Many of you have gardens, right? For those that have their own […]

Pendant Lights: What Would you Choose?


Lighting is one of the areas in interiors that requires special attention, both, from the functional and aesthetical point of view. There are so many options available that you can be confident you won’t need to sacrifice the beauty of your fittings for the quality of the light they produce. LEDs have created a priceless […]

Are You From This Century? Then Geometry Is For You

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The concept of fashion is a complicated one as it involves at the same time those that create it and those that follow it, and the gap of time and space between those two is not a big one when it is in its developing phase. In interior design when something is fashionable we call […]

About Light And Contemporary Lighting

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Producing light for pushing dark away shows human inventiveness. It started from the moment fires were made using natural and basic reactions like the spark produced when striking one stone with another. In this first basic way of lighting a room, there was: The light produced by the flame, the fuel that allowed it to […]

Contemporary Interiors And The Raw Beauty Of Concrete

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Concrete as a material started to be used thousands of years ago, the more notorious examples being those left by the Romans. Its worldwide notoriety started in the second half of the XX Century being the first and biggest influence through engineering projects such as bridges and highways, then architecture followed, producing one of the […]

Seven Metals in Sophisticated Masculine Interiors

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Metals have been an important part in the history of human kind and its widespread use embraces different areas:  construction, defense, decoration, accessories, flooring, clothing, technology, art and furniture among others. The appeal of metals, beside their strength, has its roots probably in their association with fire, the element that tames and shapes them. Forging […]

5 Points When Choosing Your Contemporary Pendant Lights

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Lighting is probably one of the most important elements to decide upon when working on your interiors. In a contemporary home we can have all sort of light fittings: down lights, surface mounted lights, feature lights, wall mounted lights, etc but regardless of all the technology at your disposal; even to the point where one […]