Choosing Finishes for a Family Home

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When working on a new project one of the most fascinating and challenging parts at the same time is developing the concept which takes shape from the information received from the client and the individual ability  of the designer to put everything together creating an outcome that is much more than the addition of the […]

Design and Craftsmanship: From Italy with Love

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All my clients, so far, have a special interest in modern/contemporary design. This vision of modernity or contemporaneous schemes varies from client to client. For some is about colors, for others furniture, textiles or art  and  for more daring ones it is about all of those elements combined in such way that  they deliver that […]

Flooring Social Areas: Porcelain, Natural Stones or Wood?

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One of the most important decisions when changing the look and feel of your home is choosing what kind of floor you would like to have. The final choice probably will vary from room to room. In general terms in a home we have: Social areas (living and dining room), bedrooms, bathrooms, circulation (hall, corridors, […]

Open Plan Rooms. Is There A Rule?

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Since Victorian times changes in the domestic environment have been substantial being the source of those changes many: Architecture, social conventions, role of man, role of woman, technology and aesthetic preferences. In 2018, approximately 170 years after, the way we enjoy our home is a totally new history that keeps moving and adjusting itself. One […]

Taking Decisions: The Design Brief

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At the start of every project   conversations take place for discussing what is what the client wants for his/her/their new home, the wish list you may say. These talks are about the aesthetics, feel, functional, emotional and financial aspects that are part of the creation of a home. It is a process that is not […]

6 + 1: The Most Beautiful Rooms in the Salone del Mobile 2017

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Design is a living creature that has the ability to change and invent itself responding to the needs, dreams, circumstances and desires of creators and users. Sometimes those creations are aligned with the aspirations of many and it is at this moment when new trends and styles emerge. That is why design shows like the […]

A Contemporary, Cosy, Warmth and Beautiful Living Room


You can have it all! One of the many challenges when designing a contemporary living room is getting the right balance so it can respond to your life style: socially and in a more personal context. Socially you want it to be beautiful, impressive even; you want it to be elegant so you can inspire […]

Linear Sofa or L Shape Sofa

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This is one of those decisions people take thinking mostly of their comfort, but what are the implications of their use? How do they affect the look and the feel of the space? Those are aspects that should be considered at the moment of deciding one over another. Of course this dilemma appears usually when […]

What Your Living Room Says About You As A Man

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Have you thought that the way your living room look says as much about you as the way you dress? We are living in a country where you can live the life you want. One of the privileges that it brings is the right you have to express your unique identity in whatever style you […]