Beyond Furnishing and Soft furnishing

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Interior design is a complex profession as in our eyes every piece and I repeat, every piece that is visible in our homes affects the final feel and look of the different rooms. How much do they affect the outcome? It depends on your level of expectation and eye for detail. Master pieces are not […]

How Does Your Home Smell? Good? Good!!!

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Christmas: that time of the year where celebrations seem to be omnipresent: pushing, seducing, cheering, enticing, motivating and inspiring you. Friends, family, partner, business contacts, colleagues and even strangers are some of the people you will be sharing time with more than ever during this season. The settings will be as kaleidoscopic as this bunch […]

Home Design Centre: Duaris and Hehku. East Grinstead. 1st Part

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One year ago I was invited by Duaris and Hehku to design a showroom which main aim was to offer to their very selective clientele a space that would allow them to experience design, craftsmanship and detailing   in an environment which creation was inspired by the vision of portraying a sophisticated home. The word sophistication […]

Looking for a new home? Five Points to Remember

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Few times clients have asked me to help them to find their new home. This has proved very positive as finding the right property so it matches the client’s needs helps dramatically with the interior architecture and interior design aspect of the project. The project becomes something totally rounded.  It is an exercise where the […]

London Design Festival 2017: Desirable Pieces

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What is that that you desire the most? A car? An exotic holidays? A jewel? A dress?  A home facing the river? Desire is such a powerful emotion; putting it in simple words: It is when you want to have something a lot. The reason that drives that feeling varies depending of your background, ambitions, […]

Focus and Decorex 2017: 10 Objects

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The London Design Festival celebrates design in London embracing all sorts of disciplines: furniture, lighting, interiors, accessories, fabrics, etc. It is overwhelming, from a very positive perspective, the amount of shows, displays, talks, seminars, exhibitions   that have been organized for this week of limitless design and creation. London becomes the paradise on earth for designers […]

Why You Need to have at Least one Masterpiece

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Masterpieces by definition are objects that have achieved the extraordinary, that excel among their peers. They go beyond definitions and because of that they become transcendental. When one finds and more important than that, recognizes one of those objects something in one awakes, it is almost a revelation. One feels and sees far above the […]

Clerkenwell Design Week 2017. Chapter II

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As promised I have visited all the temporary shows during Clerkenwell Design Week 2017 and have chosen those products that for different reasons talked to me. It is a small list but certainly they are my top ones. My criterion was very simple:  The product had to be new to me, it needed to have […]

Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

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Coffee Table by Quixotic Bespoke  Stool by Par-Avion Basin by Kohler I feel particularly very lucky and fortunate to live in one of the cities of the world where design matters, where design is around of us all the time: being discovered, created, challenged and proposed. We live in the capital of design This intoxicating, […]