A well designed Floor Plan Layout: Serpentine Pavilion 2018

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Beautiful and good architecture always excites, surprises and inspires me. My background as an architect keeps reminding me how important this is for achieving extraordinary interiors: the architecture, specially the interior architecture has to be right, otherwise it becomes theatre, an illusion fed by beautiful materials, surfaces, colors but where the human body and soul […]

Milan Design Week 2018: After the Wonderful

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On this my last post on the Salone del Mobile 2018 I wanted to show you other pieces I saw specifically chairs and shelving units ( I need to confess I have a too keen interest in them..They are like a magnet to me: the beautiful ones of course ) but decided instead share with […]

Salone del Mobile 2018. The Pleasure of Finding the Perfect Sofa or Chair

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Whatever the budget, style, background, heritage and taste we humans always are going to need an object to sit on for performing a broad variety of actions: reading, resting, eating, socializing, etc. This is why in our homes all of us will have some or all of these items: Sofa, armchair, chair, bench or/and a […]

Salone del Mobile, Milan 2018. The Best Stand

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The Salone del Mobile brings a lot of expectations in regards to what will be presented in terms of new products and materials however for me the most attractive and inspiring part is to experience the design of the stands, how the different brands design their space so it conveys an aesthetic proposal and in […]

One Of The Hottest Weeks in the Design Calendar: Salone del Mobile, Milan

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This time I will make it extremely short and very sweet. Interior design is such an extraordinary discipline where so many fields work together to create something unique, individual,   innovative, telling, inspiring and extremely personal. It is possible thanks to the participation of many creative minds in the areas of furniture, lighting, accessories, art and […]

London Design Week 2018. Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. 11 Inspiring Products.

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London Design Week is a great opportunity to see and discover new products in the interior design industry that, some of them, will be shaping the taste of creators and users in the invention and enjoyment of new aesthetic realities in the residential and commercial environment. This time I will keep it “short and sweet”. […]

Beyond Furnishing and Soft furnishing

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Interior design is a complex profession as in our eyes every piece and I repeat, every piece that is visible in our homes affects the final feel and look of the different rooms. How much do they affect the outcome? It depends on your level of expectation and eye for detail. Master pieces are not […]

How Does Your Home Smell? Good? Good!!!

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Christmas: that time of the year where celebrations seem to be omnipresent: pushing, seducing, cheering, enticing, motivating and inspiring you. Friends, family, partner, business contacts, colleagues and even strangers are some of the people you will be sharing time with more than ever during this season. The settings will be as kaleidoscopic as this bunch […]

Home Design Centre: Duaris and Hehku. East Grinstead. 1st Part

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One year ago I was invited by Duaris and Hehku to design a showroom which main aim was to offer to their very selective clientele a space that would allow them to experience design, craftsmanship and detailing   in an environment which creation was inspired by the vision of portraying a sophisticated home. The word sophistication […]