Pantone, Color of the Year: Greenery 15-0343

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Why we celebrate with such enthusiasm the arrival of a New Year? We do, because it represents, and it is, an opportunity to start again, to create, to improve and to develop. New beginnings bring hope; they trigger that fire in us that lead us towards a better and more fulfilling future, inspiring us to […]

Curtains And Window Treatments

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What do you think of your windows? How concerned are you regarding their look? Is keeping your privacy important to you? Do you need to control natural light in some of your rooms? The answer you give to the first question will determine the level of sophistication, or lack of it, that you will put […]

Christmas Presents: The Return Of Forgotten Pleasures

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Many of us like technology for many reasons. It increases our efficiency, gives us access to new experiences and frees our time. Because of this, for some of you, with the arrival of Christmas, technology stars in the wish list of things you desire. In Britain Christmas is deeply linked to winter, the cold season […]

Why Design Shows are Important: Notes on Clerkenwell Design Week 2015

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In my area of expertise, interior design, knowledge of future trends is as important to me as all the past learning I have accumulated. Design shows make the leap between both realities in a matter of seconds or meters. There one keeps discovering new products…materials…solutions…lighting and technologies, at a speed difficult to beat using other […]

3 Points Gentlemen for your New Year’s Resolutions Plan

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The start of a new year is not just a number or a year you add to your calendar. It is an opportunity to implement changes, to grow, to think and to take crucial decisions. Some of them will be triggered when you look around you: to your friends, home, job, partner and when you […]

March Equinox – Inspiration and Design


Hello dear readers I have decided to change the theme of my post this month and instead of talking about a single subject I would like to talk about the awakening of this year in design terms. Winter has been exceptionally long this year but that has not stopped things moving forward, new ideas being […]

The Surroundings of your Dreams – facts on bedding

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After a long day, full of responsibilities, tiredness, chores and sometimes problems, the vision of a comfortable bed seems to be either a reward or the place where consolation seems to be embodied in the shape of comfort and cosiness. This is why beds are so important in our lives.  The presence of a bed […]

Dressing Windows

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First at all I would like to apologize to all my readers for the delay in publishing my January’s post. December brought its party mood, I must confess, but now we are on track again. I hope you like it. Windows are a very important element of our home. They are its lungs and eyes. […]