Men’s Toy: That Room In Your Home

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When it comes to the understanding and enjoyment of home men have few rooms  that they want to have an special eye on whether single or married:  The study, the games room, the cinema and for some lucky ones, if they have it, the cellar. Kitchen and garden are areas that very often are being […]

Home Technology. What Does That Mean To You?

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Technology is relentless… always changing… always dynamic… and always present. So when you gentlemen are thinking of refurbishing your home or buying a new one it seems inevitable to think: how will my home embrace technology?  What do I want of it? When I was studying architecture one of the best lessons I learned when […]

Technology vs Technology: The Winner Is Your Home

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There has always been a sort of attraction and aversion in the way technology takes precedence in the interior of our homes. There is no doubt technology is wanted, desired and invited. as part of what we perceive as comfort. The conflict has been the intrusive power of its look, how it dominates the room, […]

5 Interior Design Purchases That Will Make You Feel Powerful And In Control

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Success means different things to different people. For many of you dear gentleman success is empowering and makes you feel in control of your destiny, it gives you a rush of adrenaline in your body that helps motivate you, drives you, and in itself becomes a measure of your level of achievement and fulfillment. That […]

3 Great Christmas Presents Men Should Ask For

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Christmas is a season where you gentlemen get pampered by your family and friends. However many times, you receive presents that either you do not want or need. You need to make them aware of where your passions lay so they can choose the right one for you. Here you are going to find 3 […]

Man of the XXI Century? Have full control of your home

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Our home are becoming more and more like an orchestra with a lot of things that need to work beautifully in synchronicity but who manage them? you should dear gentleman, you should be the conductor of that orchestra and your baton is your control system. whereas if you have a duet or the whole  thing […]

Technology: On Materials

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Technology not just has allowed not just to create new material but modified old ones into something new, more contemporary. Nano technology has played an important role in this. In Interiors the possibilities are impressive not just in terms of look but of functionally. In this video I’m going to be talking about Krion a […]

Technology: 3 Elements that will make of your home a XXI century one

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Technology permeates everything we do. This statement is even stronger when thinking of homes in the city. There are 3 elements that can illustrate how up to date you and your home are in terms of what is going on: LED lighting, materials and Control. Probably the one that you guys enjoy the most is […]

Darling! Where is the control? – some thoughts on home automation

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Does this question sound familiar to you? The sense of power, freedom, comfort and ultimately of control; to be the one who’s got the option of seeing whatever channel one wants, whatever program from the luxury of your favourite sofa or from your soft and warmth bed is what home automation is all about but […]