Art In Interiors: Photograph by Roger Ballen

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Artist: Roger Ballen Title: Boarding House, “Boarding House”, edition: 10 Year: Series, 2008 Dimension: 80 x 80 cm Technique: Silver Gelatin print Price: TBC About the Artist American artist with more than 40 years dedicated to photography. He lives and works in South Africa. Besides photography he has created a number of short films as […]

Getting Your Interiors Ready… For Love

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Love is in the air…or at least it should be. Being a romantic is not something that many of us dedicate special time to cultivate and to make it part of our romantic relationships. Would that be because romanticism is overrated? Hope not. Fortunately for those that need an opportunity to compensate their lack of […]

Serpentine Pavilion 2016 and Interior Design: 5 Points

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Every year, in Summer time, I’m looking forward to visiting the Serpentine Pavilion basically for 2 reasons: 1.- It is an statement of architecture. How a “building” interacts with its surroundings, how it responds to use and how it relates to the user.  The concept, the details, the use of technology, materials and colours are […]

Home Technology. What Does That Mean To You?

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Technology is relentless… always changing… always dynamic… and always present. So when you gentlemen are thinking of refurbishing your home or buying a new one it seems inevitable to think: how will my home embrace technology?  What do I want of it? When I was studying architecture one of the best lessons I learned when […]

Men’s Toys and Contemporary Interior Design

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It has been said that cars, yachts and bikes are men’s toys…I would add to that triad watches. Now what are the characteristics that those “objects” have in common which appeal to a male audience? First and foremost they are engines that imply movement through power. They are generators of speed that increase the production […]