Commercial Interiors: Beauty Salon, A Case Study


When one designs for a commercial project there are two objectives in mind, one that aims to satisfy the client’s brief and the other that  constantly  imagine the customer experiencing the space, feeling it, getting inspired by it and finally making him/her wants whatever that space has to offer. When Apple & Eve contacted me […]

Commercial Interiors: Lessons to Learn From It


One of the biggest challenges people have when thinking to change/renovate the interior of their homes is  decision making. The main problems being: A decision is not taken at all; the decision is the wrong one; it is too late when the decision is made or the constant change of mind generates countless and harmful […]

Using Colour: A Case Study

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Colour surrounds us; it is so embedded in who we are as human beings that sometimes we forget how powerful it can be in defining situations, memories, places, feelings or even time. We take colour for granted and because we move constantly from one point to another we do not realise the continuum or the […]

Is Afternoon Tea Dying? So Is Interior Design

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I have been living in London for 7 years now and I have not had as many afternoon teas as I would like. I should have more… in the right places… in the right company. For those who love British traditions, to experience Afternoon Tea is certainly a must since it ticks several boxes all […]

Bathroom Design: Tiling

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This is the last of a sequence of three posts dedicated to bathroom design and I would like to talk about tiling. I have chosen tiling because it is a subject that many people consider self explanatory, the only decision being, what kind of tile to use. Not at all! There is much more than […]

Bathroom Refurbishment: Forget About Beauty…For Now

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One of the very important goals to be achieved when starting works in any room or set of rooms is to make it or them beautiful. The look, the feel, the detail, the vision are all ideas that work in parallel or in a progressive manner (very rarely linear by the way as the design […]

Serpentine Pavilion 2016 and Interior Design: 5 Points

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Every year, in Summer time, I’m looking forward to visiting the Serpentine Pavilion basically for 2 reasons: 1.- It is an statement of architecture. How a “building” interacts with its surroundings, how it responds to use and how it relates to the user.  The concept, the details, the use of technology, materials and colours are […]

Wood In Interiors: a Healthy Approach

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One week ago I was invited as part of a group of British architects and interior designers to Sweden by the Swedish Wood organization to learn about how they are working to make wood the first choice when building, decorating or furnishing a building or home. There is nothing new in this you would say, […]

Pharmacy 2’s lessons: Inspiration vs Literality

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When I studied architecture one of the most important and challenging lessons was to learn to create a concept and how to develop and implement it throughout the project. This learning has proved very useful in my career as interior designer. The concept is an idea, around which one develops all the aspects of the […]

Interior Design And The Butterfly Effect

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Butterfly effect: (with reference to chaos theory) the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. In interior design this phenomenon can have a huge impact in the outcome of the project. Let me give you an example: I’m currently working on a residential project in 3 of […]