When working on a new project one of the most fascinating and challenging parts at the same time is developing the concept which takes shape from the information received from the client and the individual ability  of the designer to put everything together creating an outcome that is much more than the addition of the individual parts.

Once the concept is achieved and imagined in one’s mind with absolute clarity the “tangible work” starts.

At the moment I’m working on a project where the client has asked me to propose everything based on the furniture layout already approved and the concept of the interiors I have in mind.

It has been a great exercise as I have to propose all the finishes, ceiling details, lighting, flooring, wall treatments, stairs, bathrooms, kitchen but not any free standing furniture.

I’m proposing all the materials and finishes based on the vision I have for the house/home, being aware of how important it is for me to keep all the different rooms connected so the occupiers when moving from their bedrooms to the service spaces and from there to the social rooms feel the flow and the references that link them even when the look of the different areas may be substantially different.

The images you see below are a selection of materials and finishes being proposed for five of the rooms.

Can you see the connection? Can you imagine how the flow between the spaces thanks to these textures and colors is?



TV Room 


Open Plan 


Daughter’s Bedroom 


Son’s bedroom


Up to the next step…