A very important part in the interior design process is the choosing of the light fittings.

Some of the aspects to consider are:

_Kind of light you want: warm, cold

_Source of light you want/need: direct or indirect light

_Function of the light: task light, feature light, ambience light

_Surface to be used: wall, ceiling, floor

_Feel of the room you want to reinforce, neutralise or match

_Design of the light fitting

_Design of the bulb

Depending on the room the priorities will change, guiding you to choose the right piece.

I would like to share with you the reasons why I suggested the following pieces to one of my clients.

Pendant light / Wall light. Dining Room

The brief for this room specified a space that is modern in look with an informal elegant feel.

The dining table is a rectangular one so the logic choice was a linear pendant light.

Due the wallpaper is a strong one I suggested a design and material that won’t compete with the attention but complement the look. Its colours are a reference to the ones used in the scheme.

In reference to the wall light, its design matches that of the wallpaper: diagonals; being in white it adds freshness and informality to the feel.

dining room

Wall light. Back facade, balcony

The balcony was designed using wood and metal painted in black.  A way of describing it would be a chic industrial look.

This is why the selection of the wall light with a linear design in metal aims to match that look.

floor balcony

Wall light. Front Facade

The facade of the house is that of a Victorian terrace house.

The idea was to choose a light that respects that period look but at the same time anticipates what the visitor will be experiencing once in the social areas.

The outcome will have references in the postmodern style.

wall light front facade

Feature lights. Living Room

Feature lights are very important for adding interest and warmth to a room.

This small spots drive your attention to the built in niches and help to show the shapes and details of the items that will be displayed in them.

Light has the power of creating that feel of awe, it reveals and conceals.

Light is magic.