All my clients, so far, have a special interest in modern/contemporary design.

This vision of modernity or contemporaneous schemes varies from client to client.

For some is about colors, for others furniture, textiles or art  and  for more daring ones it is about all of those elements combined in such way that  they deliver that feeling of style.

This interest motivates me to be constantly informed and updated about new products, styles, collections, etc so I can offer to the client   the right solution.

One of the main sources of products in the Western design market is without any doubt Italy. A very rich and deep tradition in the understanding of design, proportion and scale plus excellent craftsmanship has produced for years and still is producing objects that seem to be in tune with  what is now an universal way of experiencing, enjoying and appreciating beauty and comfort in your homes.

That is why it is a must to see what our Italian friends are working on. Being consistent with this every year I visit the Salone del Mobile in Milan plus and when the opportunity presents itself I visit suppliers’ factories.

Recently I was invited to visit seven Italian brands in different sectors, all related to the world of interior design.

Here a short summary of what I saw:

Somma, from the Gruppo Gabel


They are one of the biggest companies in the production of bed linen.

Somma’s range, Signes, is my favorite: elegant, minimal, a collection in white.

Their throws are   particularly beautiful.

Etro, from Jumbo Group


The well known fashion brand has extended its vision to that of furniture incorporating their beautiful, bold and exotic fabrics which have that feel of romanticism so present in the XIX century but contextualized in contemporary designs producing pieces of a sophisticated and informal elegance like this sofa shows.



A company dedicated to keep homes warm with a special interest in technology, performance and aesthetics.

A good example is this radiator which takes inspiration from XIX century cast iron ones, making of it a lovely, contemporary and nostalgic version of them.



Natural stones are noble, beautiful and an indispensable material if you want something with beauty rooted in nature. Nothing can match that.

As a delicate material that demands being handled correctly it is important not just to think of the beauty of it like this extraordinary green stone shows us but it is a must to think about the correct production and installation.



A company dedicated to the hospitality sector and more relaxed home dining areas.

I liked in particular this chair; it is charming, elegant, bit austere but precise and well rounded.

It is a chair that will live happily in a more elaborated dining room if the materials around it have been chosen correctly so to elevate its design features.



A company that has increased its offering, making contemporary design pieces besides their classic ranges as shown by this impressive dining table top in stained veneer.

Probably one of the most beautiful surfaces I saw during this Italian experience.



A company dedicated to the production of a stainless steel tray for achieving in a very efficient and short time a wet bathroom look.

This product is about what can be achieved thanks to it.