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It is Christmas and in most of our minds we are thinking about the perfect present for that special being or beings in our lives be it human or not.

In my family home we always had dogs and every Christmas we thought of their presents too, there were four dogs and one cat, two of which knew it was Christmas and were mad about the presents so much that we had to hide them specially from “Paco” as he would go through all of them and discover, thanks to his extraordinary sense of smell, which ones were a dog present.  We tested him several times and he always got it right; the worst part? He did run with the present in his mouth and disappeared under beds or furniture. He knew.

But who said we need to limit our thoughts for humans and pets?

Our homes should be pampered as well. At the end of the day a beautiful environment excites, inspires and makes us happier so investing on it is something you cannot measure in money or in the thought of whatever you do it needs to give you a return if you sell it in “x or y “ years.

For those that love their homes and like to be surrounded by exceptional pieces there are many items that can be integrated to the schemes you are thinking of:  Well designed pieces, antiques, bespoke furniture, works of art, exquisite accessories, etc.

Since early the XXI  Century there is a new category that is claiming its position in the kingdom of exclusivity, individuality and  top design:  The furniture or lighting art piece.

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These are pieces designed by creators who conceived them as part of their exclusive portfolio of limited editions. They respond to aesthetic, philosophical, political or cultural concerns that intent to give a new approach on those subjects.

They tend to be sold by galleries specialized on these kind of proposals. Their prices usually are high. The younger the creator the riskier it will be to lose your money as just time will grant the piece the status of art, his or her intentions is not enough.

So the only healthy criterion when purchasing them is because you love them and they will look fantastic in your home giving you hours and hours of pleasure.

So do you want to  pamper your home this Christmas in a very unusual way? Look at some of these pieces and give them the space they demand in your home.

They will be the talking point certainly at your Christmas party or New year’s celebration.

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