One of the most important decisions when changing the look and feel of your home is choosing what kind of floor you would like to have.

The final choice probably will vary from room to room. In general terms in a home we have: Social areas (living and dining room), bedrooms, bathrooms, circulation (hall, corridors, hallways, and stairs), kitchen, outdoor space and others (studio, cellar, utility room).

There is going to be aspects that will influence the way to go: Tradition, fashion, practicality, budget and of course taste.

Establishing a list of priorities will help to determine what areas to put more effort on.

If you socialize a lot probably the living and dining room are the areas where you will want to have a more beautiful, special and well designed floor.


It is a tradition in our country to use generally wood in these areas in the form of planks, parquet, chevrons, etc. This preference can be understood when thinking of the weather we have; wooden floor always offer a warmer look and feel.

On the other side, this kind of flooring with its randomness, being it a consequence of its provenance, makes people feel more in tune with nature, it is a way of bringing nature in.

For others the key factor is their beauty in regards to their variation of colors and grains.

Finally the malleability of the product and how well it works with other materials make it a very attractive option: Metal, leather, stone, ceramics, concrete, etc.


However  people are becoming more open to other options like porcelain/ceramic tiles and marble for example due to the more accessible technology in the development of under floor heating systems.

Thinking of these materials, very cold when touched, was a not pleasant idea   when considering them for social areas. Natural stones have been the exception due to their extreme beauty although most of the time they are used for halls, entrances, etc. Areas exposed to intense traffic, dirt and of course because of the status they grant.

The advantages of using these hard floors are many: limitless options in regards to design motives, colors and formats; durability meanwhile keeping their look; easy to maintain and clean and finally they work very well in combination with rugs and other materials (as their peers, the wooden ones do).

Natural stones wear faster than porcelain or ceramic although their presence and beauty is not easy to match.

Technology has developed in such way that now there is porcelain tiles available that replicate in a very good way the look, texture and feel of wood and natural stones.

Whatever option you decide to go with it should be a great match for the interiors you are creating. Whatever you put on that floor will enhance or diminish the look of the room, keep a wider vision in mind and you will have all the possibilities of getting it right.