Love is in the air…or at least it should be.

Being a romantic is not something that many of us dedicate special time to cultivate and to make it part of our romantic relationships.

Would that be because romanticism is overrated? Hope not.

Fortunately for those that need an opportunity to compensate their lack of romantic gestures there is Valentine ’s Day. A big day for showing you do have a soft, fluffy and ready to let out Romeo’s side.

One of the best displays of romanticism is to invite your other half to your home and offer an unforgettable experience.

But how much do you need to change the appearance of your home in order to make dear Cupid to stay and pour his ambrosia of love for both of you?

I would suggest focusing on 5 points would do the trick


2018-01-20 15.24.02

Dimming the lights is a must; the idea is to create an atmosphere conducive to intimacy and physical closeness that inspire to whisper and not loud talk.

The advantages of whispering? You have to be..very..very close. You get it.

If you do not have dimmers (God forgive you if you don’t) then use table lamps to get the effect right.

If you want to use color lights be discreet, red can be a nice touch but abundance of it will make your flat too keen to love if you know what I mean, so tune it down.



Not just you need to smell good, your flat too. I really like diffusers and scented candles. For this night only choose one with a floral base like roses, lavender or jasmine. Leave the wonderful citrus, leather or wood base aromas in the cupboard…for now.


The Kiss Francesco Hayes, 1859

This is where you can make a huge impact. If you do not have paintings with a romantic theme, which probably is the case, improvise. Replace one of your paintings using the reproduction of a famous romantic painting like the kiss by Gystave Klimt or the exquisite “The kiss” by Francesco Hayes or you feel more adventurous the Kiss by Picasso.

This is going to cost you a couple of hundreds maximum but will add that special touch; remember the dimming lights.

You are creating a set and you need the right items.

A Well dressed table

2018-01-19 16.51.34

Unfortunately the speed of life is making us be more and more relaxed when it comes to etiquette on the table in our homes.

For this night you should make an effort and make that table talk about your taste, sophistication and ability to use all the tableware in an effortless and elegant manner. This can be very seductive so do not underestimate it.


red rose

It is Valentine’s Day so flowers need to be present somewhere; red roses rule…White not, not at all. An eclectic bunch of flowers will do well too; If you not sure ask your florist to make one for you.

And that is all.

The feeling of your flat has changed just with few details being adjusted.

These set of suggestions apply for everybody who wants to surprise that someone special regardless of at what side of the table you are. Many men like to receive flowers too.