One year ago I was invited by Duaris and Hehku to design a showroom which main aim was to offer to their very selective clientele a space that would allow them to experience design, craftsmanship and detailing   in an environment which creation was inspired by the vision of portraying a sophisticated home.

The word sophistication means different things for different people but there are certain aspects that need to be present in a home in order to be part of that selective group: Feel of space, good proportions, harmonious design,  use of noble materials, art  and the creation of  an atmosphere that induces us  to be at our best, that  makes us want to share with our friends and love ones moments of enjoyment,  contemplation and good communication around excellent food and  wine.

This is what makes the “Home Design Centre”, which opened last week, a special place.

Because of this the design of the showroom was focused on five areas, all of them connected spatially and functionally:

_The Stairs

_The Hall

_The Kitchen

_The Dining area

_The Bar

Although the design of these areas remits primarily to a domestic environment, each of them can be used and they will be used as a space that can be a room, a display room and even an events room.

It is the versatility of this homogenous designed space that will make visitors and clients open their minds to multiples possibilities when thinking of their homes.

This is not a showroom that will tell you “you have to have a home like this” but one that will inspire you to have a wonderful home.

In this first part I wanted to share with you the main ideas behind the creation of the showroom.

In the second part I will show images of every area and explain in detail the criteria that helped to give shape to each of them.