I have been explaining what decisions were taken in regards to the different rooms of the Home Design Centre and why in my previous posts.

I left the Kitchen to the end as it was the first one that was created in my mind and the one from which the entire scheme developed not just from the aesthetic point of view but the functional as well.

As part of the brief the client was very specific about two points: he wanted a contemporary industrial chic look and the use of a brick wall in one of the spaces.

About the functional side it was discussed the kitchen was going to be a functional space where events can be organized, either for special dining experiences or for cooking lessons.

It was this approach what drove the solution proposed for the floor plan layout:

A “U” shape kitchen with the storage space against both lateral walls, the sink at the back with wall units that act as an important focal point and finally the Island where the cooking space would be organized.


As I had at my disposal a great space I added a breakfast bar perpendicular to the island so visitors and students can be sat looking at what the chef is doing without interfering  in his/her actions and far enough from the “hot” area.

I decided to specify the brick wall in this area as we knew we wanted to achieve a contemporary design for the kitchen so the contrast between the warm materiality of the brick and the linearity of the kitchen design would provide the look the client wanted.

In regards to the materials and color scheme for the kitchen it was inspired by the style I was working plus the fact it reminded me Victorian times: dark green. Grey was the chosen color to provide balance and a stylish look.

For reinforcing the drama  that exist in any industrial chic look I added black to the color scheme, present in the powder coated breakfast bar  and in the detailing of the worktop and up stand.

The floor and worktop helped to achieve a contemporary look: For the floor a ceramic by Domus that reproduces the pattern of the marble floor used in the first showroom and the quartz worktop in white/grey provided by Consentino offers a sleek solution.

The pendant lights above the breakfast bar by Artemide designed by Herzog and De Meuron are a great match for this scheme that walks comfortably among two worlds.

Same with the Thonet bar stools, another reminder of end XIX century design.

details 1

The beautiful sink tap by CEA design encapsulates the spirit of the kitchen.

Considerations about how the chef and visitors would move when using and enjoying the kitchen were always present. It is shown on the positioning of the appliances, storage space, larders, dimensions and design of the island and in the location of the fridge/freezer.


Finally the lighting was carefully considered so to offer the possibility to create different moods and atmospheres depending on specific requirements:

Recessed ceiling lights (spots) for general light; pendant lights for accent light, linear led light below units for performing cooking activities comfortably and linear leds above wall units for creating a decorative,  atmospheric look when enjoying the food on the breakfast bar or when the kitchen is not being used.