Sandalwood & Patchouli and Lavender & Mint by Floris

Christmas: that time of the year where celebrations seem to be omnipresent: pushing, seducing, cheering, enticing, motivating and inspiring you.

Friends, family, partner, business contacts, colleagues and even strangers are some of the people you will be sharing time with more than ever during this season.

The settings will be as kaleidoscopic as this bunch of people: Offices, Pubs, Hotels, restaurants, others’ homes and probably your home too will be the chosen venues.

Few of you have been preparing your selves for this wonderful time of the year: a new extension, new kitchen or/and bathrooms, new furniture pieces or at least a nice fresh coat of paint.

The thing is that the prouder you feel about your home the more active your social life will be in your kingdom.

Your home will be admired, envied or/and probably criticized and judged. Compliments will be said to you, criticism: to others.

That is inevitable.

So your home will be admired (or not) for its architecture, interiors, furniture, art, accessories, tidiness and yes… for the way it smells too.

Of all the aspects involve in interiors smell  is one of the more neglected ones, no necessarily because of lack of hygiene but because people tend to forget how powerful and wonderful a fragrant smell can be, adding another layer to the enjoyment of your home by you and your visitors.


Encre de Chine and Cuir de Russie by Baobab

There are many ways of keeping your home fragrant:


_Scented Candles


_Incense Sticks

Which one to use will depend on your preference, proportions of the room, event,  moment of the day, etc.

Finding fragrant flowers is not easy as most of them their smell is very, very subtle.  Some roses, jasmine, lavender, nardus are beautifully fragrant leaving a delicate aroma that lasts.

Scented candles are another option adding a bit of magic and/or romanticism to the atmosphere of the place.

Diffusers are probably the easiest way of allowing your home to be fragrant.

There are different companies in the market that have both options, candles and diffuser with the same fragrance so there is not a clash of aromas.

I tend to prefer smells based on wood, citrus, leather, musk, lavender, etc avoiding the sweet smells as I find them not particularly beautiful, interesting or elegant.

Of course it is a matter of taste.

Incense sticks are a good option too. They work better when the source can be placed no directly where the people will be sat or standing as the density of its smell is very strong at its base. Better to have a prudent distance between the stick and the seating space.

Incense in dining rooms I would not suggest as they take over the smell of the food, making one feels one is eating an incense, which I’m almost certain is not the idea.

There are many companies producing beautiful products, some of them even exquisite.

Please have a look at the images. I’m sharing with you some of my favorite ones.

It is a great feeling when you arrive home and you are greeted by a delicate fragrant smell. Everything feels and looks better.

Molton Brown

Orange and Bergamot by Molton Brown

Note: this will be my last post of the year, a perfumed one ;-))). Have a wonderful Christmas and a superb 2018!!!. Be it a fantastic. Thanks for staying with me and allowing me to be a part of your life.  See you in January 2018.