What is that that you desire the most?

A car? An exotic holidays? A jewel? A dress?  A home facing the river?

Desire is such a powerful emotion; putting it in simple words: It is when you want to have something a lot.

The reason that drives that feeling varies depending of your background, ambitions, life style, sensibility and appreciation of that object as something unique and special to you.

For those that feel that their homes need to say something it is imperative to understand what that something is.

Usually that something is constructed by objects which as a whole create a sort of vocabulary able to communicate and express.

Finding the right “words” (objects) able to convey beautifully that message is a challenging thing, not an easy task.

That is why when we find one of those objects the desire of having it consumes us.  So we have to have it.

This explains the importance of exploring shows, galleries, fairs, so to find those objects that somehow will help somebody to give form to the poetry or prose of their homes and just then they will have a meaning beyond themselves, a purpose.

In this, the second post about the pieces I found during the London Design Festival 2017 I would like to present the following items which for me have all the potential to help you to create a home that talk eloquently.

Basin by Antio Lupi; 100 % design

Organic shape and smoothness.

Antonio Lupi (100)

Cabinet by Charles Dedman; London Design Fair

Mix of ancient patterns with contemporary making.

Chales Dedman (DJ)

Modular Shelving unit by EFG; 100 % design

Flexibility, great detailing and proportions.

EFG (100)

Wooden Vases by Forest+Found; London Design Fair

There is something atavic and contemporary in them.

Forest+Found (DJ)

Tiles by Karak Tiles; 100 % design

Impeccable design and making.

Karak Tiles (100)

Lamp by Steven Haylenbeek; London Design Fair

Intriguing and playful.

Steven Haulenbeek (DJ)

Screen by Ma Cong; 100 % design

Beautiful, aerie.

Screen by Ma Cong (100)

Bench by Par-avion co.; London Design Fair

Beautifully made. Simplicity.

par-avion co. (DJ)

Worksurface Ice of Genesis by Compac; Design Frontiers

Authenticity, contemporary feel.


Chair by Ries. London Design Fair

Elegance. Deco.

Ries (DJ)

Side Board by Bethan Gray; Design Junction

Beauty, craftsmanship.

Bethan Gray DJ

Side Table by Toni Grilo; London Design Fair

Contemporary, playful.

Vibe Table by Toni Grilo (DJ)

Armchair by Norr11; Design Junction.

Masculine, challenging.


Chair by Studio Truly Truly; London Design Fair

Tension, beauty.

Wovw chair Studio Truly Truly (DJ)

Ovens by Smeg; 100% design

Dramatic. Industrial Chic

Smeg (100)