Few times clients have asked me to help them to find their new home.

This has proved very positive as finding the right property so it matches the client’s needs helps dramatically with the interior architecture and interior design aspect of the project.

The project becomes something totally rounded.  It is an exercise where the solution covers all the angles of a very personalized home that was found with a clear and unique vision in mind.

The aspects that need to be considered are many.

Think of them as layers that although in principle each of them are independent   they have common points which allow them to work together like a mechanism of a watch.

The list could be long and complicated but I would say there are five points that take priority:

1.- Brief

To the usual brief I discuss with the clients in reference to the interior design it is added information about what parts of the city they like, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, key features, if any preference for homes of a certain historic period, if they are keen to purchase a property that requires extensive changes or not, if he/they want to be near a park, etc, and of course budget.

2.- Floor plan Layout

Whether the client is keen to invest in the refurbishing of the property or not the existing floor plan layout will play a sensitive role in the definition of the future home.

It may be the perfect one as per description of the brief or it has the potential to become perfect.

In both cases the point is: the floor plan layout has to be the right one.

3.- Proportion of spaces

One the biggest legacy of having studied architecture is that it helps me to understand, apprehend and identify a space with good proportions (relation in between its parts considering the function it needs to perform)

When you get this right you not just going to have a beautiful room, you are going to have a perfect one.

4.- Feel of the flat or house

This is the subjective part of the equation.

We are beings of energy; we live because there is energy sustaining us, driving us to be who we are and who we want to be.

Part of this energy remains, lingers in the space we make our own. It relates not just to the human presence that occupied those spaces in the past but to the geometry of the rooms too.

Feeling this energy is very important. There are houses that as soon as we get in hit us as if somebody has punched our faces with a brick.

These feelings, or instinct, if you prefer to call them in this way, should not be ignored.

5.- Street, neighbors

And finally there is the social part.

What kind of neighbors you want to have? How is the look of the street?

Certainly these points are decisive if you want to feel and be integrated in the community you are about to be a part of either you want it or not.

Certainly we talk about this.

It is better you to choose.

The point is that your home should make you happy and the more it relates to the way you understand and feel the higher that feeling of happiness will be.