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On this my last post on the Salone del Mobile 2018 I wanted to show you other pieces I saw specifically chairs and shelving units ( I need to confess I have a too keen interest in them..They are like a magnet to me: the beautiful ones of course ) but decided instead share with you few images of objects and materials I saw in other exhibitions that were happening outside of the main event which as you know is the Salone.

You are going to see:

_The beautifully designed showroom of Nilufar displaying some of their pieces mostly from the 50’s and 60’s (First, second and third photo, top to bottom)

_The new wallpaper collection “Extinct animals” by Arte International which was designed in collaboration with Moooi. (Fourth photo, top to bottom)

_The clean, austere, neat and aseptic toilet designed by CEA (Fifth photo, top to bottom)

_On the same note the cutlery designed by Dingdsein is attractive and edgy. There are few pleasure as indulging as a dining table well dressed. (Sixth photo, top to bottom)

_The new collection of natural “wallpaper” in wood by Elitis is wonderful. (Seventh photo, top to bottom)

_Sofa by Nube. The proportions and elegant retro feel of it was a beautiful thing to discover. (last image at the bottom)


Nilufar 1


Arte and Mooi 1