It is official 2019 has started and the color that has been chosen by Pantone to represent it is the one named “Living Coral 16-1546”.

The effect of color in us humans is extraordinary, so much that in some cases we can say, not exaggerating at all, that they bring magic to our lives.  The opposite is true too, but as the year is in its infancy let’s keep the note optimistic and uplifting.

2019 will be a fantastic year and certainly this color is making of it a point with its vibrancy and innate optimism.

The selection of a specific color by Pantone is a consequence of studies by their people; a decision we are not here to debate but the information is out there for those that enjoy discovering how things emerge.   

What is really important is that this color will infiltrate many of the disciplines of the creative field: Graphics, Fashion design, Product design, Textile design and of course Interior design among others.

Now how this will affect you and your interiors?

If you were not aware of this color before reading this post, now that you know it will affect you somehow either because you don’t like it so you will consciously avoid it or because you like it the chances are that you will find the way of incorporating it in your surroundings.  The level of intensity of its presence will depend on how much you are attracted to it.

Before talking about how I would suggest to use it in interiors I would like to mention what this color expresses to me:

Vibrancy, happiness, confidence, assurance and femininity on the positive side

If too much of it my perception of it goes to

Loud, saccharine, intense, tiring and shallow

Every person will have an opinion of it as it will in every professional of the design industry.  

In my imagination it is a color that I would use but certainly tamed by other more “serious” (darker) colors that will bring to the combination a more refined and grounded look.

Looking at the  Vintage Colour Collection   Colour chart by Craig and Rose for example,  colors like Steel Pole, Flanders Blue, Braze blue and Smalt would work very well  with it.

Sometimes thinking in combinations of warm and cold colors like the ones above suggested is almost a safe play however I would add a third tone so the mix becomes more attractive and the transition between them is more pleasant to the eye. This is where the grays have a role to play. I love them, as you probably know by now.  I would suggest middle grays so to obtain that feel I mentioned before.

I just will offer this possibility hoping it brings to your mind other options as well. Exploring the use and opportunities that this color brings for creating exceptional schemes is part of the fun.

Enjoy it!.

For a vibrant, happy and fulfilling 2019 for all, be it Coral! (With grey ;-))