When I was invited to design the reception area and specifying the carpet for the building’s corridors it was a   beautiful opportunity for me to add beauty to a building which I believe its residents should be proud of due to its architectural achievements.

From this perspective I decided to honor it through the feel and look to be experienced when entering the building.


My vision is to create a space that is beautiful, welcoming and warm, that engages people with the building and has an edge to it thanks to the combination of elements and use of color.


Right now there is a division between the front and back of the reception area which does not help to feel the space as a unity. I’m proposing to solve this with the continuation of the ceiling at the front towards the back with a box that will run all around the ceiling of the elevators’ area.

A cornice with up light will be added all around not just to reinforce this unity but to add a contemporary feel to the space plus it will create different moods depending on the hour of the day.


Because the distinctive color of the building I’m proposing to work with a deep green as it seems a logic evolution of the color on the façade. This combined with grey gives serenity to the interiors and a modern edge.

I proposed to keep the color of the mail boxes as a testimony of the history of the building. I added some lacquered panels at each side of it going from deep green to orange in a gradation that embraces and reinforces the mail boxes as a feature of the building and not just as a functional item.

Touches of black grounds all the colors that have been chosen.



_All the walls will be wallpapered. All of them will be covered with a wallpaper in grey (except the elevator’s one) which pattern is a reference to the footprint of the building.

The elevators’ wall will be wallpapered in green so to add the wow factor to the end of the journey towards residents’ homes.

_The floor will be in vinyl( 2 colors) once creating a border which echo the box built on the ceiling at the back, the other in light grey to connect it with the whole scheme. This light grey will be used in the corridors so to make the connection between ground floor and top floors.

_On the long wall perpendicular to the elevators four trees of life panels in black and white will be hung which is a reference to life and grow, both intrinsic characteristics of the green color.

_The entrance matt will be divided in two, one part of it will be outside, in dark grey aluminum and black and the other part will be located internally in dark grey aluminum and green.

Feature Elements

_Lacquered panels in color.

_Wallpaper in green (elevator)

_XIX century map indicating the location of the plot of the building.

_Trees of life

_Up lighting


_Reception furniture will be kept but desk surface will be wrapped in a resin material (Krion) making it more contemporary and resilient.

_Sofa will be replaced by 2 armchairs and side table so to make the waiting time of residents and visitors more friendly.

_A wall mounted furniture will be installed for concealing boards and electric fittings at the entrance.




The very interesting shape of the corridors was used as the base for the design:

The vinyl in light grey used in the ground floor will be used for defining the area where the carpet will be placed. This area will reinforce the direction of the corridor without reinforcing the perspective. This was achieved using a chess pattern with two colors. One in dark grey and the other a middle tone of green which connects the colors on the façade and the reception area.

This pattern just will be in the direction of the corridor leading to the flats. When arriving at the lobby of each floor the carpet will be just dark grey.