living room

At the start of every project   conversations take place for discussing what is what the client wants for his/her/their new home, the wish list you may say.

These talks are about the aesthetics, feel, functional, emotional and financial aspects that are part of the creation of a home.

It is a process that is not linear; it is led by a very general structure that is modified according to the dynamics of the project, its design and the client’s expectations.

All that needs to be managed, guided and assured by the interior designer. It is our responsibility to do so as we need to have the vision of the destination we are to reach.

It is a team work where every part listens and executes.

Let’s see how this worked when designing this extension where the living room is to be located.

_The extension was designed by an architect (the exterior shape of it).

_Floor plan to be an open one: dining room, kitchen and living room.

_Living room to be extended, if desired, thanks to a balcony (bi-fold door)

_ Client wants wallpaper that makes him feel immerse in nature.

_Use of colour.

_Modern feel.



_The first step was to work on the floor plan and furniture layout.  Considering the relation with the kitchen on one side and the balcony on the other was vital in order to give to the room its space and dignity. (Defining circulation areas was a key part of it).

_This allowed proposing the right furniture: its dimensions and use.

_During conversations the client mentioned he’s got some collections of objects he would like to display. This is why the niches and shelves were proposed.  The installations concealed behind the walls determined the proportions of them.

_Finding the right wallpaper took a bit of time as I wanted to find a pattern that satisfies the client’s request adding a sense of elegance, a bit of eccentric touch and beauty at the same time. I think this wallpaper by Pierre Frey helped to get that balance right.

_The colour of the built in furniture and shelves was very important as the need of adding serenity, beauty and elegance was a must plus the colour needed to tame the strong pattern without taking over it.

_The colour of the skirting and ceiling (a very light grey) gives a fresh touch to the scheme, reinforced by the oak chevron wooden floor which enhances the quality of the space.

_Elements like decorative lighting was added. Still the furniture and curtain is to be put in position.

This is one of around 9 rooms I worked on, all of them with their own identity, all of them following a macro script related to the feel of the home as a whole and a micro script related to the qualities, use and characteristic every room had to fulfil.

The important aspect was never to forget the client’s brief so the decision process was managed in a more comfortable way aiming it to be assertive and beautiful.

Still some work to do as the furniture, art and accessories will complete the feel to be created. They will animate the being of this home.