Josh Coleman

When I met Diego, I was in the middle of going through a purchase of a flat in Dalston. After discussing some design ideas, I came around to the idea of using his services. Like most people, I had planned to do all the design, planning and decorator management myself. I gave Diego a 1 page selection of photos showing my tastes. It just included pictures from films I liked. From this Diego created extremely detailed concept plans which meant I could really see how things would turn out. I liked 99% of his ideas and any changes were made without difficulty. From design concept to finishing the works, Diego’s attention to detail, drawings and management of the workmen meant the whole process went through very smoothly. Now it’s done, I (and others) can see that there is no way my flat would be anywhere near as impeccable as it is now. He really understood what I was looking for and he made it happen. So well done Diego! A superbly handled project from start to finish. My home is way beyond my expectations.


Diego helped me with the interior design and later with the project management of my first home, a one bedroom flat in the RBKC. First of all, I would like to thank him for the constant support offered throughout what might have been otherwise a much more stressful process.

He has stars quality –  I have particularly valued his constant availability, his lovely and engaging personality, his ability to plan and clearly set out the next steps as well as timeliness and guidance. His skills as a designer have been greatly appreciated and I have enjoyed bouncing ideas back and forward whilst learning about paints, carpet, worktop, slates, electrics… His work has been of very high quality with impeccable after-care.


I asked Diego to do some work for me to help me adapt my home as I had started to work from home a lot more. I needed to make more of the space I had so Diego took time to understand what my concerns were and how I wanted to use the space. He came up with a design which more than met my needs. With some simple suggestions e.g. getting rid of a sofa, adding some shelves and moving some furniture around, Diego helped me transform my home. The result is that not only do I feel like I have significantly more space, it feels like it reflects me. I would recommend Diego looking for some interior design work.

Gerard Casale

I would highly recommend working with Diego Correa Interior Design. They designed my bathroom and managed the project on my behalf. Working with them was really easy; I am very pleased of the result. When I have friends around, they now say “WOW!” when they first visit my bathroom.

2 years later (Nov 2015) he wrote:

“I am selling my flat and have got a good price for it. Everyone who watched it loved the interior and the decoration.

Thank you for the work done, as I am sure it improved the value of the flat :-)”

Natasha McKie

Diego helped me to transform bedrooms to something really special!

I had two bedrooms to work on. One of them I wanted to be feminine and ME! The other one was for my son, who is more a very macho man in the military.

So we were looking at two completely opposite characters.

Diego was not only a great designer, who knew his job and had amazing offers from suppliers. He understood our personalities and made it exactly as I would see it myself, but with much greater attention to detail and artistic approach.

He appreciated the budget frame as well and managed to make it look amazing according to what we could afford.

Diego was going out of his way and always been very responsive and attentive to all our wishes.

It was a pleasure to work with him. All my friends love my new home and can’t stop complimenting the style and choices we made for materials and colors. I would highly recommend Diego to anyone wishing to give their home that personal touch and make it look and feel great!!

Anette Haug

I employed Diego when I was building a new house in East Sussex. I am a very busy person and was looking for somebody to take away the stresses of sourcing suitable interiors and have somebody on hand to advise me while building works were ongoing. Without Diego I could not have finished the house a) in time and b) with such taste.

Diego is able to work quietly in the background, listen to one’s requirements and adjust quickly if you change your mind. He has the ability to understand my taste and transform an idea into reality. He works quickly, efficiently and also (which is very important to me) comes up with ideas when the builders have messed up. He has a superb eye for detail and was able to create the exact vision I had for the house. It was such a pleasure to work with Diego.  He gives more than 100% and took on my project as if it was his own. Diego has integrity and knowledge which is very hard to find with larger companies – he can adjust to a budget and you know he is genuine. I trust him and can only recommend him very highly and hope that more people will benefit from his impeccable service and commitment to design. He keeps up to date with the latest design trends and is generous in passing his knowledge to his clients.

PM, London E3

Diego was our Project Manager when we used a company called Increation to completely refurbish and design/manufacture bespoke furniture including a new kitchen. We have been very satisfied about Diego’s involvement.

First of all, his commitment to his clients is more than 100%. Diego looked well after our interest, both vis-a-vis the builders but also vis a vis his own employer. On complex and large projects, a few things are always bound not to go as expected. Diego never shied away from his or Increation’s responsibilities and made sure that things were rectified. Also, as we had very tight deadlines, he worked very hard to make sure that they were met.

Secondly, we had a very pleasant experience with the his design skills. Diego did a great job at understanding our tastes and he made great suggestions in terms of design or decoration that saved us precious time, as often he presented a selection of options at various price levels that were very much in line with our tastes – we just had to choose the most appropriate one in terms of price and appeal.

Diego has strong and educated views about design. He always thought about very minute finishing details that had escaped us but that made a real difference when the works were completed. Diego would always give us his opinion about what would work best from his point of view but he was not one of those designers who impose their styles – in the end, we always felt we were in charge, which was very important.

Finally, as a project manager, Diego was very efficient. Certain aspects of the works required intense coordination of several companies and tradesmen. Diego always took the time and made the effort to make sure that the outcome was in line with what we expected. This was precious as certain companies which we had chosen to work with did not have the same culture of great details like Increation, but Diego acted, as much as he could,  as a guardian of quality and precision of their services.

We are therefore very happy to recommend him to those who would like to change their interiors and take design into consideration.

Kathryn and Filippo

Two months ago we started an extensive remodeling project for a medium sized flat in Central London. The flat was stripped down to the bare walls and completely refitted. Diego was then the Senior Designer at Increation, who were in charge of managing and executing the works. My wife and I had only some vague ideas about what we wanted. Diego made this otherwise stressful experience very easy.

He quietly did all the hard work, creating complete designs for every room, with an amazing attention for details of form and function. He thought through everything, and  left to us only the fun part of making the basic decisions about materials and decor. He quickly got to know us and was able to present us with choices that we could relate to. Diego has a clear vision of what he wants, and lots of experience, yet he never told us what to do nor presented his views as the right ones. We always felt we were in control of the project. He is a very open person, humble and competent, totally unpretentious, and speaks from the heart.

Pretty soon, we felt we could trust him implicitly. Now the project is starting to near completion, and looking back, I can see how much he did for us, in his unassuming way. As each room gets done, I can see that the outcome is the idea we wanted to express; but also that Diego’s work made it make sense, both functionally and esthetically. Diego cares about his work; after he no longer was working for Increation, having started his own business, he came back to the flat several times, without us asking, just to make sure everything was proceeding as in the designs. We can unreservedly recommend Diego, and feel lucky to have been able to use his services.

E. Mclachlan

Diego was our designer at Increation, he was an absolute pleasure to work with. He designed a gorgeous bathroom that was stylish yet practical.

He made sure that our needs and tastes were reflected in the design and decoration, and skilfully guided us to the right choice when we didn’t know what we wanted!

His focus on the aesthetics of the design was complete, ensuring that every little detail was perfect. I would not hesitate to recommend Diego. He is professional, courteous and above all a very talented designer.

Sarah-Jane Peck

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Diego Increation’s senior designer at the time. Our brief was a refurbishment of a penthouse apartment in central London.

This was a blank canvas for Diego and his design team. From start to finish Diego showed absolute commitment, passion, flair and in-depth knowledge and experience of his craft.

We had an initial meeting and I gave him our client’s brief, from this he gathered all the relevant information for living style, design, colours, fabrics and ambience.

We were then presented with his ideas which we liked, we then worked together to give our client a beautiful home with many different concepts and colours, where clever use of design gave us maximum space.

Diego is an absolute professional right to the end, he pays particular attention to what the client wants and knows how to achieve this for them, if an idea cannot be achieved he will always come up with other options. I would not hesitate to recommend him.