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Being London among the top three most fantastic cities on the planet has many benefits in terms of design  which means access to great locations and suppliers, great views and neighborhoods, fantastic creative minds developing  art, products and technologies, etc.

All that has, one can say, limitless potential.

However there is one thing that we, all Londoners, have great awareness of and which we know our wonderful city just can provide up to certain level: Space.

Space is premium in London.

Either in the residential or commercial sector this reality demands urgent attention and care when working on their interiors.

So…What to prioritize and how?

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They are the key questions when facing a space with strong constrains in terms of available area.

I would like to answer those questions sharing with you information about a very specific project I have been working on: A showroom.

The project is in construction right now; when I visited the site recently I could see the vision I had will be fulfilled: The showroom is going to work with dignity and  respect for the people that will be visiting it, for those  that will be working there and finally for the products that are going to be in display.

There are still some details to be addressed as part of the construction process and they certainly will have an impact on how that vision can be totally expressed and happily delivered.

It was clear that the three points I based my proposal on allowed me to solve the equation:

1.-  Understanding of the client’s brief in terms of program and the relation between all the spaces/uses required.

2.- Understanding of the  building and the context in which the showroom will be a part of.

3.- The  internalized “feeling” about how the showroom should be experienced, this drove the decision in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

It is difficult to say which one was first as during the design process the three of them influenced each other. There was a constant negotiation to achieve the right balance but as designer I need to say that my ambition is that the beauty of the solution has to be notorious and effortless followed very close by the right functioning of the space.

Floor plan

As you can see on the floor plan all the display area was allocated at the borders aiming to create a nice and continuous flow; however it needs to be said it was as well a consequence of the shape of the roof, taking advantage of the lower points of the building.

The working area was placed at the center with “windows” looking over the waiting space so the sales force have always control on the dynamics around them.

The service areas are at the back for obvious reasons however those are areas were not underestimated as with certain freedom in regards to the design bold statements can be made.

There was a lot of thought in terms of the finishes, color scheme, lightning and visual and emotional comfort that you will be able to see and capture when the project is finished.

These are the subjective sides of the project. They will be interpreted depending on your expectations, culture and sense of aesthetic.

What I believe all of us can feel related in reference to this project and the questions above proposed is how the showroom is providing solutions to the company’s needs.

And this is a challenge all of us have constantly in our surroundings and one we most of the time can solve with the right approach.

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