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Home is such a slippery word.

And it is slippery because home means something different for every one of us.

The feeling of it can be triggered by many things: smells, pieces of furniture, presence of light or darkness, a person, a style of architecture, etc.

The thing is that attached to that word is a bit of bitter sweet nostalgia present in many of us like a fragrance that is left by a flower or perfume, ethereal and real.

When you think of your home when you were a kid what memories are there that makes you “feel” and “see” your home?

I assure you somewhere there are colours, details and textures.

When you are refurbishing, designing your home you are working on creating that landscape that will bring memories of happiness, warmth and comfort in the near future plus the happiness of the present.

And believe me: the colours you used or have chosen, the textures you worked with and the detailing of how you put things together will create as a whole the essence of your future memories.

That is why they are so important to chose them correctly, love them and get inspired by them.

Here some details, colours and textures of the home a client and I are creating for building his memories on strong foundations.